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Commentary: Trump’s Iran decision gives unexpected gift to Putin

Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear accord has brought a bonus for the Kremlin. The U.S. president’s Iran action means that Vladimir Putin could make up with the soaring price of oil – the real backbone of the Russian economy and his hold on power – for what he lost from the sanctions.

FILE PHOTO: Semlex CEO Karaziwan attends a signing ceremony during an...

Police search offices of Belgian company supplying passports to Africa

Police on Wednesday searched the headquarters of Belgian company Semlex, which supplies passports to various African countries, and the home of its CEO, Albert Karaziwan. About a dozen officers arrived at Semlex's office in Brussels and at Karaziwan's house in the city early in the morning. By early afternoon, the search was still continuing.

Comoros seeks US, Interpol help to vet buyers of Comoros passports

The Comoros government has asked Interpol and the U.S. authorities for information related to foreigners, including two people accused of breaking sanctions on Iran, who have bought the country's passports to facilitate their activities, the foreign minister told Reuters.

Illustration photo of a Comoros passport

Special Report: How to make millions selling passports to Africa

In the tiny nation of the Comoros Islands, lying off the east coast of Africa, Albert Karaziwan is a big man - even though he doesn't live there. He's been a roving ambassador for the country, has twice attended the United Nations General Assembly with the Comoros delegation and holds three current Comoros diplomatic passports.

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