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Nonprofits groups forecasting a tough 2010

U.S. nonprofit groups expect 2010 to be a difficult year, with most expecting more demand for services despite nearly two-thirds having less than three months' funding available, a survey found on Monday.

Bernanke defends Fed small bank supervision role

Top central bankers present and past on Wednesday joined forces against a plan to strip the Fed of its oversight of smaller banks, saying the knowledge it gains from that role is vital to monetary policy.

Fed saves some regulatory authority in Dodd plan

The Federal Reserve would retain some but not all of its oversight powers in the changed financial landscape envisioned by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd in a plan unveiled on Monday.

Critics hit Senate tilt toward Fed status quo

Senators leaning toward preserving the Federal Reserve's role as a bank supervisor and consumer protection regulator came under criticism on Monday from academics and consumer activists.

Iceland seeks swift new Anglo-Dutch debt accord

Iceland's government pledged on Sunday to restart talks and swiftly reach a new debt accord with Britain and Netherlands, a day after Icelanders crushed in a referendum the previous $5 billion "Icesave" deal.

Timeline: Iceland rejects Icesave deal in vote

Icelandic voters vented their fury on Saturday at the bankers and politicians who ruined the economy, overwhelmingly rejecting a $5 billion deal to repay debts to Britain and the Netherlands.

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