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Who Wins in the Solazyme IPO?

This morning, as algae oil maker Solazyme made its debut on the Nasdaq, the company's co-founders and investors are popping the champagne corks on pricing shares at the high end at $18 per share. Who made good in Solazyme's debut? Hint: The Roda Group, co-founders and Braemar.

Solazyme Prices IPO Up at $18, Raising $198M

Algae oil and fuel maker Solazyme priced shares for its IPO late last night at $18 per share -- above its previously estimated price range -- enabling the company to raise around $198 million when it debuts on the Nasdaq on Friday.

GTherm: Cutting Cost and Quakes From Geothermal Power

Three-year-old startup GTherm has a new approach to tapping the Earth’s heat for power generation at sites where conventional geothermal technologies fall short. The company says it can do it for less cost, and through a safer method, than competing systems.

Toyota’s Electric RAV4: Will Tesla Get the Supply Deal?

Toyota and Tesla have been working on prototypes outfitting Toyota's classic SUV the RAV4 with Tesla's electric vehicle tech. But will Tesla be the supplier of the commercial version of the RAV4 EV, which Toyota wants to sell in 2012? It's yet to be determined.

GE to Crank Up Gas Power Plants Like Jet Engines

Natural gas power plants aren’t usually all that efficient. On Wednesday, GE announced a power plant design that's more efficient than the standard and also allows plant operators to better manage supply and demand and integrate clean power with natural gas.

Tesla Could Raise Over $200M in Follow-on Share Sales

Electric car maker Tesla could raise another $214 million in a combination of a follow on public offering and a private placement. The move shows just how much money an electric car maker that is looking to make more mainstream cars needs to scale up.

Google: There’s No Magic Needed for Greener Data Centers

While Google has been at the forefront of cutting-edge green data center technology, with experimental projects like its seawater-cooled data center, Google's big message at its second data center efficiency summit: There's no magic involved with greener data centers.

Google Has Now Invested Over $400M in Clean Power

Mark down yet another clean power project that Google plans to back. This morning, Google announced that it's providing $55 million for part of the construction of a 1.5 GW wind farm being built by Terra-Gen Power in Southern California's Mojave Desert.

GE Buys Up Irish Power Line Monitoring Company

One benefit of GE launching its smart grid challenge last year is that it has created a decent potential shopping list. This morning, GE said it has acquired one of its 12 grid challenge winners: Irish powerline monitoring company FMC-Tech.

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