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Fact Check-1897 New York Journal article did not reveal the earth is flat

An 1897 article by the New York Journal about believers of the debunked flat earth conspiracy theory is being presented misleadingly online. While the piece delved into flat earthers’ beliefs and their efforts to prove their thesis at the time, social media users have referred to extracts of the article taken out of context to falsely claim the journal was actually arguing that the earth was flat.

Fact Check-Video falsely reports the arrests and executions of multiple notable figures

Contrary to a video that provides no evidence for its claims, there is no evidence that more than 50 public figures including Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Brian Kemp, Mitch McConnell, and Michelle Obama have been “arrested and charged with treason” or “executed” by the U.S. government. Not only have many of the people mentioned posted online or appeared at public events, but the narrative echoes the widely debunked QAnon conspiracy theory.

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