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Fact Check-Mail-in and absentee ballot numbers in Pennsylvania counties do not prove ‘cheating’ or election fraud in the state

Mail-in and absentee ballot numbers in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County and Philadelphia County have been misleadingly portrayed as proof of Democrats committing election fraud by social media users. They falsely claim that more Democrats requesting to vote by mail in Allegheny County than in Philadelphia County, despite there being more registered Democrats in Philadelphia County, is evidence of “cheating”.

Fact Check- Britney Spears says nerve damage dates back to 2019

Following an Instagram post from Britney Spears saying she has “nerve damage” on the right side of her body, social media users claimed, without evidence, that her condition was related to COVID-19 vaccines. Spears says in the same post that her condition traces back to 2019, however, prior to the pandemic.

Fact Check-Incorrect figures aired in RSBN election broadcast are not proof of voter fraud in PA governor’s race

Typographical errors aired during a Right-Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) election broadcast on Nov 8 showing incorrect data pertaining to the Pennsylvania governor’s race is not proof of voter fraud. The incorrect data that was aired was a result of manually inputting election numbers, the network said in a statement. The typographic errors did not reflect official votes.

Fact Check-2020 video of poll worker in Delaware County recirculates as false evidence of voter fraud in 2022 Midterm elections

An old video showing a poll worker in Delaware County, Pennsylvania filling in blank ballots and stamping them has been shared again as alleged evidence of voter fraud in the 2022 midterm elections. Misleading claims about the same video were debunked in 2020. According to election officials, the poll worker was transcribing damaged ballots, with poll watchers present during the process.

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