Chinese, U.S. luxury lovers power rebound at LVMH

Sales at French luxury goods group LVMH bounced back far more quickly than expected in early 2021, carried by demand for Louis Vuitton handbags and Dior products as Chinese and U.S. shoppers made the most of an easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

At-home cooking boom powers Conagra's sales surge

(Reuters) -Conagra Brands Inc beat quarterly sales estimates on Thursday as it benefited from shoppers buying more higher-priced items, fewer promotional activities and a rate hike in its foodservice business.

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Congress to probe 'rogue' actions of Trump's Justice Dept

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The top two Democrats in the U.S. Congress on Sunday vowed to probe the "rogue" actions of the Justice Department during former President Donald Trump's term, including its move to seize the communications records of Democratic lawmakers.