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Hurricane Earl may test IT teleworkers

Power outages caused by Hurricane Earl, now swirling in the southern Atlantic, may pose more of a problem to IT telecommuters than to overall data center operations.


Loopt is a location-aware app that allows you to share status updates, including your current whereabouts, with selected contacts, and via Twitter and Facebook. It also displays nearby events, businesses (and sometimes coupons), and friends. The interface, composed of eight finger-friendly soft keys, is simple and straightforward to use, but the location accuracy is not always very precise. I also encountered a few snags with initial setup of the service.

Missed Call

The Missed Call app by Anno is a versatile application that will almost certainly alter the way you use your phone. Like most Android users, I like to check my phone quite frequently for missed calls and text messages. For those of us with Motorola Droids, we must go through the ritual of sliding the keyboard down, pressing the gold button to activate the screen, and then sliding our finger to unlock the phone. But more often than not, we find no missed phone calls or text messages to be read. T

Google scoops up fifth company this month

Google has made its fifth acquisition since the start of August, this time scooping up SocialDeck, a company that develops games that people can play against friends using iPhones, BlackBerry devices, or via Facebook on a PC.

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