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Paul Tagliabue looks back to the NFL’s future

The NFL has enjoyed a comeback season with its fan base, but the league’s legendary former commissioner Paul Tagliabue tells sports business expert Rick Horrow he doesn’t think more expansion – global or domestic – is necessarily the best course of action.

Raising the bar on athletes giving back

Many pro athletes embrace philanthropy after hanging up their cleats but NFL Hall of Famer Curtis Martin has built a new model for charitable giving and aims to give half his income toward helping others. Sports business expert Rick Horrow talks with the five-time Pro Bowler, and also gives an update on the state of the NFL.

Life in a two-team town

The Los Angeles Clippers' mission is to find ways to outshine LeBron James' Lakers. In the latest Keeping Score, the franchise's president, Gillian Zucker, discusses the day-to-day process of making the Steve Ballmer's Clippers thrive.

Small colleges, big reach

As the NCAA's football bowl season looms, sports business expert Rick Horrow discusses how smaller schools -- think Tufts, not Tulane -- are leveraging their alumni far and wide.

College football's balancing act

University of Central Florida Athletic Director Danny White says he maximizes his school's athletic -- and business -- potential using a holistic approach that keeps school spirit high and corporate sponsors happy. Plus, sports business expert Rick Horrow explains why NFL ratings are up this year and what the league needs to do to keep viewership on track.

The softer side of sports

With Tom Brady and Michael Strahan as partners, Gotham Chopra’s Religion of Sports studio aims to tell powerful stories that skip the stats and focus instead on the connection between people and the games they play and watch.

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U.S. special counsel disputes report Trump told lawyer to lie

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office on Friday disputed key elements of a media report that President Donald Trump directed his former lawyer to lie to Congress about a Moscow real estate deal, raising questions about a story that has dominated U.S. news coverage for the past 24 hours.