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Merkel’s “mea culpa” and what comes next

German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted to mistakes in her handling of the refugee crisis on Monday after the second state election drubbing for her CDU party in two weeks. Can she make peace with her Bavarian sister party and will she run for a fourth term next year?

Brazil’s currency outlook may be brighter than politics suggest

Disappointment over the progress of an ambitious reform agenda by Brazil's new President Michel Temer will probably be insufficient to cause another massive currency drop, even though it could rekindle market volatility and kill chances of any credit rating upgrades.

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Ex-campaign chief defends Trump, defies Democrats at impeachment hearing

President Donald Trump's former campaign manager on Tuesday acknowledged that his former boss enlisted him to try to limit the Russia election interference inquiry but defended Trump and tangled with Democrats during pugnacious testimony to a U.S. congressional panel mulling whether to impeach the president.