Hedge funds boost stock exposure in Q3

Hedge funds, in the third quarter, showed their greatest appetite for stock market risk in two years, according to research from Goldman Sachs on Monday.

Company boards ignore shareholder views

Fund managers are largely ignored when they try to engage with company boards on issues of concern such as corporate governance, a leading investor body said on Wednesday.

Hunt for Madoff money to drag on for years

Five months after Bernard Madoff's massive fraud was revealed, little of his victims' money has been found and it appears increasingly likely that the worldwide hunt for their missing billions will drag on for years.

Angry investors take aim at U.S. bank boards

U.S. activist investors are seeking to oust board members at beleaguered banks whom they blame for helping cause the companies' financial woes, setting the stage for drama at upcoming annual shareholder meetings.

Not all bad news in hedge funds' annus horribilis

A handful of hedge funds has resisted the global crisis ravaging their rivals, reaping bumper returns in 2008 in a sign some niche players will always beat the market no matter how dire the outlook.

Replication funds get chance

While the credit crisis has been tough for hedge funds, it has been a shot in the arm for index-based investments that promise to mimic the returns of actively managed funds.

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