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Argentina says March economic activity up 1.4 pct year/year

Economic activity in Argentina grew 1.4 percent in March versus the same month last year but contracted 0.1 percent compared with February, according to a release of government data on Tuesday that is used as a close proxy for gross domestic product.

Latest Kansas school funding plan debated in court

Kansas' latest plan to adequately fund its public schools faced tough scrutiny on Tuesday by state supreme court justices, who heard arguments on whether it meets a state constitutional requirement for adequacy.

Q&A-U.S. dollar at risk for weakness - Rafiki Capital's Englander

The buoyant U.S. dollar is not as robust as it should be and looks vulnerable to a sharp drop in value against other major currencies, veteran currency strategist Steven Englander said on Tuesday during an interview in the Reuters Global Markets Forum. Englander, an economist at Rafiki Capital Investment Management in New York, also said the US Federal Reserve would like to see the U.S. corporations that are announcing massive share buyb


Prodded by Trump, FBI to look into complaint about its 2016 tactics

WASHINGTON The Justice Department agreed on Monday to investigate "any irregularities" in FBI tactics related to President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign after Trump questioned whether an FBI informant had been planted into his political organization. | Video