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Breakingviews - China's bond squeeze could spread offshore

It is time to start worrying about Chinese bonds. Tightening regulation has provoked a sharp selloff in the $9 trillion fixed-income market, with collateral damage to share. If stress is sustained, it could infect China’s giant pile of foreign-currency debt.

Breakingviews - Hadas: Be thankful for good economic news

“The needy nations grow more destitute, while the rich nations become even richer.” When Pope Paul VI wrote that in 1967, the leader of the Catholic Church was expressing the era’s conventional wisdom. The pope then begged all people of goodwill, poor and rich alike, to change the situation. Much of his prayer has been granted.

Breakingviews - Britain’s RBS garage sale priced for messy Brexit

The British government’s Royal Bank of Scotland sale looks priced for a messy Brexit. Chancellor Philip Hammond intends to raise 15 billion pounds to meet fiscal targets by selling the state’s holding in the UK lender. He could achieve that even if RBS shares tumble 30 percent, Breakingviews calculates.

Breakingviews - China’s new energy star brandishes licence to deal

CEFC China Energy will aggravate Western paranoia over Beijing's investment intentions. The private company came out of nowhere to buy a $9.1 billion stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft - the sort of deal once reserved for state energy champions. It has raised eyebrows by trying to invest in U.S. brokerage Cowen. Now Reuters reports the enigmatic firm might bid for Time Warner's stake in a central European media group. The company is acting as if it has a permi

Breakingviews - Exchange Podcast: Jim Rogers

The longtime Asia bull and Quantum Fund co-founder thinks the worst bear market of his lifetime is coming. He swung by our Hong Kong bureau to discuss the risks, as well as Trump’s Asia tour and why America could become its own worst enemy if it lets China dominate the region.

Breakingviews - P&G’s battle with Peltz is practically poetic

Procter still digs in with Peltz, With hubris but nothing much else. Insularity remains, Causing new corporate stains, As the board waits for fresh Trian welts. It isn’t that Peltz pushed too hard: The campaign started without much petard. He sought simply a seat. But was met with conceit From an entrenched group of clubby blowhards.

Breakingviews - Uber cover-up makes new boss's job even harder

Travis Kalanick has a lot to answer for at Uber Technologies. Sure, he founded the revolutionary ride-hailing service and built it into a global business. But the legacy of irresponsibility while he served as chief executive has cast a shadow over the company’s future.

Breakingviews - Hammond struggles in Brexit straitjacket

Philip Hammond is struggling with his Brexit straitjacket. Britain’s chancellor announced giveaways to homebuyers and the health service in his autumn budget. But bleak growth forecasts and the economic drag caused by leaving the European Union severely limit his generosity.

Breakingviews - Nippon Paint's run at Axalta looks off-colour

Nippon Paint’s run at Axalta looks less than brilliant. The $11 billion Japanese company has lobbed in a cash bid for its U.S. rival, according to Reuters, killing the target’s merger talks with Akzo Nobel of the Netherlands. A deal valued at some $12 billion including debt, even assuming hefty savings, would destroy value. Fulfilling global ambitions may be costly.

Breakingviews - Trump administration scrambles media signals

President Donald Trump’s administration is scrambling media signals. The Department of Justice on Monday sued to block AT&T’s merger with Time Warner over concerns the two will use content to stiff rivals. But another agency intends to scrap rules that force internet providers to treat web traffic equally.


In Thanksgiving message, Trump hails military gains and 'big, beautiful, fat tax cuts'

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA U.S. President Donald Trump gave a bullish Thanksgiving address to troops overseas on Thursday, hailing progress in Afghanistan and against ISIS, and telling them they were fighting for "something real," including a stock market at record highs and his promised “big, beautiful fat tax cuts.” | Video