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The last FaithWorld update

This post will be the last update for FaithWorld, just a few months before its 10th anniversary of publication. After a decade of editing this blog and 40 years of reporting for Reuters, I am retiring from daily journalism and moving to a less hectic work schedule. Reuters will continue to report on religion when it plays a role in the news, but not with the same focus as we did during the life of this blog.

Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on Facebook

A Pakistani counter-terrorism court has sentenced to death a man who allegedly committed blasphemy on Facebook, a government prosecutor said on Sunday, the first time someone has been handed the death penalty for blaspheming on social media.

Sri Lanka arrest five over anti-religious violence

Sri Lanka police have arrested five people including a member of a hardline Buddhist organization for instigating religious violence against Muslims and a Muslim for defaming Buddhism, police said on Sunday.

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Biden backs down on corporate tax hikes, open to altering filibuster

BALTIMORE (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday backed away from pledged tax increases to fund planned infrastructure and social spending, and also said he was open to reforming Senate voting rights by "fundamentally altering" its filibuster custom https://www.reuters.com/world/us/what-is-us-senate-filibuster-why-is-everyone-talking-about-it-2021-10-06.