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A general view of Hitsats refugee camp in the Tigray region of Ethiopia

Ethiopia restricts information sharing about war

Ethiopia has announced new restrictions on the sharing of information about the war in the north of the country which stipulate that battlefront updates can only come from the government.    "Disseminating information on military maneuvers, war front updates and results via any medium is forbidden," except for information provided by a joint civilian-military command set up to oversee a state of emergency, the government's communication service said late on Thursday.    The statement did not specify the implications of the new rules for journalists or media outlets covering the war, which broke out last November between the government and rebellious forces from the northern region of Tigray.

FILE PHOTO: Re-trial of philanthropist Osman Kavala in Istanbul

Turkish court rules to keep Kavala in jail during trial

ISTANBUL (Reuters) -A Turkish court ruled on Friday that philanthropist Osman Kavala must stay in prison, extending his four-year detention without conviction in a trial which has further strained difficult relations between Ankara and its Western allies.

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