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Disney’s board needs some magic

Bob Iger has a knack for head-faking his way out the door. Last month he returned to lead Walt Disney with a primary task: find a replacement. Keeping him on point is going to require a stronger board.

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Disney offers an Iger solution to an Iger problem

Bob Iger isn’t really the reset that Walt Disney needs, but for now, he’s the reset the $180 billion media giant is getting. The company on Sunday announced its former chief executive officer – who previously had a 15 year tenure – is coming back to replace Bob Chapek, who took the reins from Iger less than three short years ago. The board is mandating that Iger set the strategic direction of the company and find his successor. This time, though, Iger’s legacy – and the board’s jobs – are on the line.

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Ticketmaster shares spotlight with Taylor Swift

Ticketmaster has a pretty bad seat for the Taylor Swift show. The company owned by $17 billion Live Nation Entertainment canceled plans to hawk general admission to the pop star’s “Eras” tour – her first in five years – after a surge in pre-sale demand crashed its systems. The mess has attracted an audience of lawmakers booing Live Nation’s market power. It also risks tempting Swift to turn the spotlight on Ticketmaster.

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Disney will solve its Netflix problem

Walt Disney boss Bob Chapek is knee-deep in the video-streaming money pit. The $182 billion entertainment empire reported on Tuesday that operating losses in the division housing its Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu services ballooned another $1.5 billion in the quarter ending Oct. 1, bringing the fiscal year tally to $4 billion, or more than twice as much as the previous year. New subscribers keep signing up, too: Disney+ counts 164 million, a 39% jump from 12 months earlier. With investors now prioritizing costs over growth, however, Disney shares fell 10% in after-hours trading.

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For your consideration: Warner-Discovery part two

David Zaslav is finding that big may not be big enough. The Warner Bros Discovery boss has encountered a series of problems since his splashy merger in April. Another deal with a similarly undersized peer might produce a rare sequel that improves on the original.

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Netflix has a wee bit of room to be smug

Netflix is fluffing it's feathers. The company co-founded by Reed Hastings snapped out of its subscriber losing streak, generating nearly $500 million in free cash flow after netting 2.4 million new subscribers in the third quarter. The reversal is a welcome change, and gives it a little bit of room to strut its stuff ahead of an impending price war.

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Rupert Murdoch’s odd reunion simplifies succession

Rupert Murdoch is seeking to stitch his empire back together again. The media mogul’s family trust wants to reunite News Corp and Fox almost a decade after they split. Though the business logic for combining publishing with TV news is fuzzy, tidying up the two companies may make the future succession slightly less messy.

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Twitter’s future isn’t just Elon Musk’s problem

Imagine if, instead of buying Twitter, Elon Musk had decided to spend $44 billion on purchasing a bank. His investment would have been vetted by regulators, who would ask questions about his track record, his assets and liabilities, and his funding. From then on, Musk would have to make sure his bank had enough capital, and was responsive to customers’ complaints. Its internal processes would be pored over regularly by examiners. Buying banks is hard.

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ESPN would help Disney and Comcast settle a score

When it comes to modern corporate sagas, few deliver the drama between Walt Disney and Comcast. Their rivalry adds intrigue to the desire of Disney boss Bob Chapek to acquire the rest of streaming service Hulu from the cable operator sooner rather than later. Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts is in position to let his counterpart squirm, but there’s a neat solution to help settle the score: ESPN.

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