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Reimagining Responsibility

When I was a child behaving badly, my grandmother would ask, "Are you thinking about how you're affecting anyone other than yourself?" Answering this question is a simple, straightforward and particularly compelling way to image whether or not any particular action we take is a responsible one. It is also a good guideline for businesses that wish to know if they are being responsible in their choices.

Google's Biggest CSR Opportunity Yet

In the hype over how Google has up-ended the tech world with its purchase of Motorola Mobility, one aspect of the deal hasn't yet attracted attention - but is potentially the most important. Google entering the hardware business should lead to the one breakthrough the market truly needs: a smartphone free of conflict minerals.

What Walmart Teaches Us about CSR

Walmart and CSR are not words normally associated together, which is why it makes such a fascinating study in what CSR really means and how one of the largest companies in the world can help create a more sustainable society. What got me thinking about this was the convergence of three events.

The Red Flags of Greenwashing

You've seen them on billboards, tv commercials, newspaper and internet ads: businesses claiming virtue by appearing to lighten their environmental impact. "Going green" may be the new trend but how can you discern genuine sustainable action from PR pranks? How can you tell which companies are walking the talk and which are just trying to open our wallets?

All the Free Food You Can Eat at Google - But Is It Healthy?

Google is more than just the default search engine on so many of our computers. It is also a massive company well-known for providing its employees with perks that employees at other corporations can only imagine. Depending on which Google office you call home, you can benefit from things like car wash services, massage rooms, and even an on-site doctor.

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