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A Solar Panel on Every Roof? In U.S., Still a Distant Dream

Daunted by high up-front costs, U.S. homeowners continue to shy away from residential solar power systems, even as utility-scale solar projects are taking off. But with do-it-yourself kits and other innovative installation approaches now on the market, residential solar is having modest growth.

Rick Perry's Solar Power Stance Is...What?

One of the fundamental propositions of Rick Perry's presidential run is that energy policy in Texas has been successful in de-carbonizing our grid. The claim is a pretty big stretch, considering that we still generate more carbon dioxide than any other state and, as far as it relates to our successful renewable energy mandates, he may have something to brag about. Perry has been eager to take credit for their success in boosting wind energy, although he's not always the first to point to the man

Mining U.S. Tar Sands Would Threaten Western Water Supplies

30 million people from Wyoming to Southern California who depend on the Colorado River as a major source of water supply, including farmers who produce 15 percent of our nation's crops, could face unprecedented water shortages if oil shale development increases in the Colorado River Basin alongside unchecked climate change, according to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Oil shale development in the US is analogous to tar sands development in Canada. We've written at le

New "Plug 'n' Play" Solar Module Fits Almost Any Roof

A new fully assembled, plug-and-play modular rooftop solar power system was introduced at the Intersolar North America trade show last month, and it could be a low cost solar power solution for home owners and businesses that want to dip a toe into the clean energy pool. The new photovolaic system, called AC Unison, does not require a separate inverter, which would typically add a significant expense to the cost of a rooftop solar array. In that regard the new solar product fits in neatly with P

Solar Power Coming to 90+ California Schools

More than ninety schools in California are taking advantage of the California Solar Initiative and installing solar projects. The California Solar Initiative is an incentive program to get companies, schools, and homes to switch to solar power. The program gives cash back for installing solar power, California hopes to move the state towards running completely on clean energy, from using a coffee maker in the morning, to opening your garage door, California wants its residents to operate on sola

Star Trek Goes Green in Jordan

As an out of the closet geek girl, mixing two of my favorite subjects - green energy and Star Trek - was genuinely something I never thought I would get a chance to blog about. (Let alone use the words in a single coherent sentence.) But thanks to King Abdullah II of Jordan, I can.

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U.S. charges Texas man for threatening Georgia election officials

The U.S. Justice Department on Friday announced it has charged a Texas man with making violent threats against Georgia election and government officials. The indictment marked the first case brought by a federal task force formed in response to a wave of intimidation that has engulfed election administrators since the 2020 presidential vote.