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The Wider Image: Evidence of strained ties on China-North Korea border

Commentary: The downside of banning Americans from North Korea

Sixty-four years after North Korea and the United States signed an armistice to suspend the Korean War, the U.S. State Department has forbidden American citizens from traveling to the hermit state. The notice was put in the federal register on August 2; it becomes effective on Friday.

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Commentary: Understanding Kim Jong Un’s nuclear game plan

On October 3, 1942 – 75 years ago this year – a prototype German V-2 rocket launched from the German military firing range at Peenemunde in the Baltic reached an altitude of 84.5 kilometers (52.5 miles.)It was, by some definitions, the first human-built object in space.

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Commentary: Trump’s risky gamble on Iran

Tensions between Iran and the United States are escalating rapidly. Over the weekend, Iranian and U.S. navy warships engaged in yet another round of shadow boxing in Persian Gulf. Last week Congress slapped additional sanctions on individuals and companies associated with Iran’s ballistic missile program and support for terrorism. Iran, in response, test-fired a rocket into space. Forces backed by Washington and Tehran continue to wage proxy wars across the Middle East from Syria to Yemen.

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Commentary: How to stop Kim Jong Un using his nukes

Donald Trump and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in must face North Korea’s nuclear reality: Pyongyang’s bomb is here to stay. When the two presidents hold their first summit on Friday, they need to drop quixotic efforts to stop Kim Jong Un from building a nuclear arsenal and instead focus on preventing its use.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised a ballistic rocket launching...

Commentary: North Korea’s Kim knows exactly what he’s doing

With a suspected role in the assassination of his estranged half-brother and a string of increasingly aggressive missile tests, the North Korean leader appears to be testing the patience not just of Washington but also his key ally, China. It’s a high-stakes game that may push the region into the worst conflict it has ever seen. Kim Jong Un’s actions have a ruthless internal logic, however, – and while he has a plan, there is no sign that anyone has a coherent strategy for stopping him.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un guides the test-fire of Pukguksong-2

Commentary: North Korea gives Donald Trump a nuclear crisis from hell

George W. Bush invaded Iraq to remove its – ultimately nonexistent – weapons of mass destruction. Barack Obama used cyber weaponry and sanctions to deter Iran from building its own atomic bomb. Now Donald Trump faces North Korea, but stopping its nuclear and missile program may prove impossible, creating what may be his first and perhaps defining international crisis.

Trump's new security adviser pick sees 'honest broker' role: Fox News

WASHINGTON John Bolton, President Donald Trump's latest choice for national security adviser, said on Thursday he saw his role as an "honest broker" by providing a full range of options to the president.