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CEOs of 2050

A CEO uses his autonomous-vehicle programming skills to transform an entire city, using quantum analytics to create hyperfast commutes, sustainable local resources and communities, and thousands of new jobs.

Making Every Minute Count

Project manager Valarie Gurule strives to be her best at work, with her family and as a volunteer - all while managing her own migraines.

Next-Gen Technologies Offer Best Defense Against Cyberthreats

When industry pundits talk about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud and big data, they are quick to talk about multiple business benefits—better customer service, improved employee satisfaction and sales results, among others. What they neglect to mention is one of the most critical uses of AI and all of these next-gen technologies: They make it easier to defend an organization against cyberattacks on a massive scale.

Living Honestly With Pain

How Silicon Valley venture capitalist and migraine sufferer Meg Sloan finds balance and support at work and at home.

CEOs of 2050

In the wake of multiple superstorms, this Brooklyn entrepreneur created a blockchain-based, sustainable smart grid for her neighborhood that spread to cities and towns across the world.

CEOs of 2050

His home was destroyed in a wildfire—so this CEO turned to new technologies including AI, drones, and robots that reinvented firefighter roles and stamp out blazes before they go wild.

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Biden urges investigation into Trump Ukraine call

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, a frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, on Saturday called for an investigation into reports that President Donald Trump pressed his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate Biden and his son.