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In Nigeria, Shell’s onshore roots still run deep

Royal Dutch Shell wants to reweight its footprint in Nigeria to focus on oil and gas fields far offshore, away from the theft, spills, corruption and unrest that have plagued the West African country's onshore industry for decades.

Timeline: Shell's operations in Nigeria

Royal Dutch Shell pioneered Nigeria's oil and gas industry and remains a major investor in the West African country. But over the decades it has come under fire over spills in the Delta region and struggles with oil theft, corruption and oil-fueled violence.

U.S. energy secretary tells Russia not to use energy as weapon

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry told his Russian counterpart in a meeting in Moscow on Thursday that the Trump administration welcomes competition with Russia, but Moscow can no longer use energy as economic weapon, a U.S. Energy Department spokeswoman said.

UK to guarantee EU grants for agreed energy projects

Energy projects that received or have agreed EU funding under the Projects of Common Interest principle before Britain leaves the European Union are guaranteed access to those grants, according to a British government paper issued on Thursday.

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What the dispute over U.S. aid means to Central America

More Honduran migrants tried to join a caravan of several thousand moving through Guatemala on Wednesday, defying calls by authorities not to make the journey after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to cut off regional aid in reprisal.