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Gray divorces and tax changes complicate retirement

When people over the age of 50 get divorced, retirement accounts become a key asset, even more so sometimes than the house or alimony. Lawyers and feuding couples are bracing for big changes at the end of 2018 for how these assets get split up.

Australia's CBA hit with lawsuit over pension investments

Law firm Slater & Gordon Ltd has filed a class-action suit against Commonwealth Bank of Australia seeking damages of more than A$100 million ($71 million) after the bank allegedly invested the retirement savings of thousands of customers into low, uncompetitive interest-returning products.

Ten years after onset of Great Recession, how are U.S. retirees doing?

This month marks 10 years since one of the most dramatic events of the financial crisis - the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank. In the financial crash and Great Recession that followed, millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs and saw their prospects for a secure retirement damaged.

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Trump touts push to rescind government regulations

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday praised White House efforts to remove regulations that he sees as an impediment to economic growth, saying the administration had reduced regulatory costs by $23 billion in the year ending Sept. 30.