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Lawmakers close to deal to avoid default

Lawmakers were close to a last-ditch $3 trillion deal on Sunday to raise the U.S. borrowing limit and assure jittery financial markets that the United States will avoid a potentially catastrophic default.

Top Republicans confident of debt deal with Obama

Top congressional Republicans said on Saturday they were in serious talks with President Barack Obama to break a U.S. debt limit deadlock and were confident the risk of default by the world's largest economy could be avoided.

Republican leaders say fully engaged with Obama

The top Republicans in the Senate and House of Representatives said on Saturday that after a week of stalemate they are now in serious talks with President Barack Obama to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a looming default.

Republican bill passes, opening path to debt deal

The House of Representatives approved a Republican deficit plan on Friday that has no chance of becoming law but could pave the way for a last-ditch bid for bipartisan compromise to avert a crippling national default.

Amid dueling debt plans, Obama to address nation

Top U.S. lawmakers dueled with diverging debt plans on Monday that offered little compromise and raised the threat of a ratings downgrade and national default as President Barack Obama prepared to address Americans on the impasse.

Norway police see attacker as probably alone

Norway's police believe Anders Behring Breivik probably acted alone in killing 76 people last Friday, and Norwegians united in revulsion against the worst attack in the Nordic nation since World War Two.

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