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Analysts say emerging markets rally is no bubble

Last year whipsawing prices that culminated in a nearly 20 percent drop for broad emerging market stock indexes, as U.S. stocks held their ground, left many investors wondering whether the dynamic growth story behind those countries had morphed into an over-told fairly tale. Judging from stock market performance so far this year, the answer is [...]

How volatility hits pension plans

Nanea Kalani of Honolulu Civil Beat has obtained non-public performance numbers for the Hawaii Employees' Retirement System, and they're not pretty at all.

Zap zombie funds within your portfolio

Index funds are liked because they generally can track nearly any kind of asset class. As such, they are the white bread of investing and should cost about the same from fund to fund. The cheaper the better. Why pay Nieman-Marcus prices for the same thing you can get at Costco or Sam's Club for less?

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