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Jesus in Philadelphia

For nearly every day the last eight months, Michael Grant has dressed as Jesus Christ, and walked the streets of Philadelphia to share the Christian gospel by example.

Boom and bust in Parachute

Founded in the 1900s, former oil town Parachute, Colorado, was the site of one of the most devastating and quickest busts ever seen.

The Venice of Egypt

I'd heard a lot about El Max -- the "Venice of Egypt" -- where hundreds of boats dart through the canal. I'd seen pictures of its waterways and brightly-coloured houses, which many fishermen built with their own hands.

Hunting for pictures – and crocodiles

Arnhem Land covers an area of around 37,000 sq miles, including the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, and access for non-Aborigines is by invitation only.

The Disappeared

I've been aware of the story of the "Disappeared" most of my life. In fact, I grew up with it.

A leap to freedom

In an effort to disperse members of the media who were jostling to take photographs and video footage of the only detained prote ster, the riot police fired a tear-gas canister next to the truck and the woman managed to break loose, jump out and sprint to her freedom.

A haunting sacrifice

As I looked down, I saw hundreds of butchers with blades in hand, slaughtering buffaloes one by one. The place was filled with blood and the headless bodies of the scarified animals.

Wigs for smiles

Marcelo Avatte, a renowned Italian-Chilean hair stylist, could have never imagined that his own son would motivate him to start making and donating natural hair wigs for children who suffer from cancer.

Venezuela’s eternal storm

In this small fishing village of Ologa lies a square kilometre that is struck by more lightning than anywhere else on the planet almost every other night of the year.

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