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Magnificent ancient mosaic found near Tel Aviv returns home

An exceptionally well-preserved Roman floor mosaic, showing a rich variety of fish, animals, birds and ships, has returned to the site where it was first found in a Tel Aviv suburb after a decade-long tour of some of the world's top museums.

The 'Mount Everest' of bacteria discovered in Caribbean swamps

The largest-known bacterium - a vermicelli-shaped organism that was discovered in shallow mangrove swamps in the Caribbean and is big enough to be seen with the naked eye - is redefining what is possible for bacteria, Earth's most ancient life form.

Ancient Inca tomb discovered under home in Peru capital

Scientists have unearthed an Inca-era tomb in the heart of Peru's capital Lima, archaeologists said on Wednesday, a burial dug up under a working-class home and believed to hold noble remains wrapped in cloth alongside ceramics and fine ornaments.

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Jan. 6 panel announces another hearing for Tuesday

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The House of Representatives Jan. 6 select committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday to consider recently obtained evidence on the 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the panel said, presenting its sixth hearing sooner than expected.