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Bankrupt Westinghouse says bids for assets in sight

Westinghouse Electric Co LLC, the U.S. nuclear technology unit of Toshiba Corp, said on Monday it expects bids for its assets within days as it justified its request for an extra 90 days to control its bankruptcy.

UnitedHealth seeks to toss U.S. Medicare Advantage lawsuit

UnitedHealth Group Inc has urged a federal judge to dismiss a U.S. Justice Department lawsuit claiming the insurer wrongly retained more than $1 billion from Medicare, saying it suffered from the same defect as a separate case another judge dismissed in October.

U.S. appeals court affirms summary judgment for Monsanto in PCB case

A federal appeals court on Friday found a lower court had correctly granted summary judgment to Monsanto Co in a lawsuit brought by a Massachusetts town over alleged property damage to one of its schools by PCB-containing plasticizers supplied by one of the company's former subsidiaries.


U.S. Treasury tax study slammed as 'fake math' by Democrats

WASHINGTON The U.S. Treasury Department on Monday released a one-page analysis of the economic and fiscal impact of a Republican tax overhaul plan that was swiftly criticized by a number of tax experts and attacked as "fake math" by Democrats.