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Ewan McGregor to return as Obi-Wan in new 'Star Wars' streaming TV series


ANAHEIM, Calif. Ewan McGregor will reprise his "Star Wars" role as Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in a series for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, the actor announced to fans of the beloved movie franchise on Friday. | Video

Amazon's 'Carnival Row' mixes crime thriller, love story, fantasy

LOS ANGELES Amazon.com Inc's next original series will take viewers to "Carnival Row," a lavish Victorian-era fantasy world where mythical creatures are forced from their homeland and must live uneasily alongside humans. | Video

Tech, Aug 22 2019

Emotions stir in Jerusalem as HBO's 'Our Boys' hits local airwaves

JERUSALEM A new HBO series on the killing of a Palestinian youth after three Israeli teens were murdered in a deadly summer five years ago is stirring up painful memories for bereaved families on both sides of the conflict. | Video

World, Israel, Aug 20 2019

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' hit with $395,000 fine over emergency tones in skit

WASHINGTON Simulated wireless alert tones used in a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" skit making fun of a presidential alert test have cost Walt Disney Co's ABC $395,000 in civil fines with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

U.S. Aug 15 2019

Pennsylvania judges skeptical of Cosby effort to reverse sex assault conviction

HARRISBURG, Pa. A trio of Pennsylvania judges on Monday appeared deeply skeptical of Bill Cosby's effort to have his sexual assault conviction overturned, as the comedian's lawyers argued in court that the trial judge had deprived him of a fair trial.

U.S., People Aug 12 2019

'Beverly Hills, 90210' cast promises 'drama, comedy and soap' in TV return

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. The cast of the 1990s hit "Beverly Hills, 90210" returns to U.S. television on Wednesday, much older but promising lots of the juicy drama that made their teenage characters famous.

Aug 07 2019

TV's Emmy Awards, like Oscars, will do without a host

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. Producers of the Emmy Awards telecast next month have decided to do without a host so the show can devote more time to celebrating popular series that have recently ended, an executive with Fox, the network that will broadcast the show, said on Wednesday.

Aug 07 2019

Half of British homes subscribe to a TV streaming service

LONDON Nearly half of British homes subscribe to a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV or Disney Life, as traditional TV viewing continues to decline, according to media regulator Ofcom.

Tech, Aug 07 2019

Big broadcasters sue non-profit that streams TV channels for free

The four major U.S. television networks on Wednesday sued a non-profit group backed by AT&T Inc that streams TV channels over the internet for free without permission.

Tech, Jul 31 2019

'Transparent' musical finale aims for upbeat send-off after star's exit

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. Groundbreaking TV show "Transparent" will end with a musical episode in which the Pfefferman family grapples with the death of the character played by Jeffrey Tambor, the award-winning star fired after accusations of sexual misconduct. | Video

Jul 28 2019