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Spices might get teens to like vegetables Mar 16 2018

(Reuters Health) - A dash of cumin or dill might help convince high school students to load up their plate with vegetables during lunchtime in the cafeteria, a small study suggests.

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Employee health plans charge smokers extra but don’t help them quit

Reuters Health - Almost half of small employers that charge tobacco users extra for their health insurance don’t offer wellness programs to help employees stop smoking, according to a recent study.

Mar 16 2018

Massachusetts court: Merck can be sued over generic drug injury

BOSTON Massachusetts' top court on Friday opened the door for consumers to sue Merck & Co Inc and other makers of brand-name drugs over injuries blamed not on their own medications but on generic versions of their treatments made by other companies.

U.S. Mar 16 2018

U.S. to cover advanced genomic testing for Medicare cancer patients

The U.S. government said on Friday it will pay for certain genetic tests for Medicare-eligible patients with advanced cancer, in a bid to help match patients with the drugs most likely to provide benefit.

Mar 16 2018

FDA takes fresh step towards curbing U.S. nicotine addiction

WASHINGTON The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took a fresh step on Thursday towards setting a maximum nicotine level for tobacco products in a bid to lower tobacco-related deaths across the country, saying it would collect public comment and scientific research over the next three months.

Mar 15 2018