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J&J blockbuster loses ground to biosimilars despite Quebec court ruling

Johnson & Johnson's Remicade, a blockbuster drug that treats autoimmune disorders, has steadily lost market share among patients enrolled in the Canadian province of Quebec's public drug program, even after a court ruling reinstated full coverage in January, a Reuters analysis of government data shows.

Apple Watch detects irregular heartbeats in U.S. study

Apple Inc's Heart study, the largest yet to explore the role of wearable devices in identifying potential heart problems, found the device could accurately detect atrial fibrillation, the most common type of irregular heartbeat, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday.

Second surgery for many ovarian cancers found ineffective

(Reuters Health) - Going back into the operating room for surgery to help a woman whose ovarian cancer has reappeared may not help her live longer - instead, it might shorten her life, according to an international study of 485 women.

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