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Islamic State defeated in its Syrian capital Raqqa

RAQQA, Syria U.S.-backed militias in Syria declared victory over Islamic State in its capital Raqqa on Tuesday, raising flags over the last jihadist footholds after a four-month battle. | Video

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Suspected U.S. drone strikes kill 31 on Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier

PARACHINAR/PESHAWAR, Pakistan Two suspected U.S. drone strikes on Tuesday killed 11 people on the mountainous Pakistan-Afghanistan border, following a strike a day earlier that killed 20, government and militant sources said.

Afghanistan 9:26am EDT

Venezuela's Maduro defends disputed vote, opposition divided

CARACAS President Nicolas Maduro defended Venezuela's "secure" election system on Tuesday as opponents struggled to present a united front over allegations of fraud in a nationwide vote won handily by the ruling socialists.

Politics, Election 2016, 3:02pm EDT

Israel: No peace talks with Palestinian government reliant on Hamas

JERUSALEM Israel said on Tuesday it would not hold peace negotiations with a Palestinian government dependent on the Islamist Hamas group, responding to a new reconciliation agreement between the two main Palestinian factions.

Israel 2:51pm EDT

U.S. mulls potential F-16 sale to Greece: Trump

WASHINGTON U.S President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that his administration has informed Congress of a potential sale to upgrade the F-16 aircraft in Greece's Air Force, a deal could be worth $2.4 billion.

Politics, Election 2016, 2:59pm EDT

U.N. urges Bangladesh to move Rohingya refugees stranded at border

GENEVA The U.N. refugee agency urged Bangladesh on Tuesday to speed up vetting of up to 15,000 Rohingya refugees "stranded" near the border after crossing into the country from Myanmar and move them further inland to safer and better conditions.

Myanmar, United Nations 2:40pm EDT

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