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Taliban leader approved Islamabad meeting on Afghan peace talks: sources


ISLAMABAD A delegation approved by the Taliban's supreme leader visited the Pakistani capital this week for exploratory talks on restarting peace negotiations to end Afghanistan's 16-year war, two senior officials in the movement said.

Pence urges peaceful end to standoff over Afghan Governor

KABUL U.S. Vice President Mike Pence called for a peaceful change of leadership in the northern Afghan province of Balkh, where the powerful governor has defied attempts by the central government to oust him for the past month amid sensitive ethnic rivalries.

World, United Nations Jan 17 2018

Russia calls for talks between Afghan government and the Taliban

MOSCOW Russia called on Wednesday for urgent talks between the government in Afghanistan and the Taliban, its Foreign Ministry said in a statement, adding Russia could host such talks.

World, Jan 17 2018

U.S. probes video apparently showing shooting of Afghan civilian

KABUL U.S. military authorities are investigating a video widely circulated on Afghan social media that apparently shows a U.S. service member firing into a civilian truck driving along a road in Afghanistan, a spokesman said.

World, Jan 13 2018

U.S. service member in Afghanistan wounded in possible insider attack

KABUL The U.S. military in Afghanistan is investigating an incident in the eastern province of Nangarhar in which one of its forces was wounded in an apparent insider attack by members of a pro-government militia.

World, U.S., Jan 11 2018

Pension crisis looms as Afghanistan grapples to fix public finances

KABUL In a country not short of problems, a looming pensions crisis that could cripple Afghanistan's budget in coming years is a new headache for a government dependent on increasingly war-weary foreign donors.

World, Jan 08 2018

Stand-off over powerful Afghan governor foreshadows bitter election fight

MAZAR-I SHARIF, Afghanistan A stand-off between Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Atta Mohammad Noor, the powerful provincial governor he is trying to remove from his northern stronghold, is increasingly turning into a battle over next year's presidential election.

World, Jan 07 2018

Friday Morning Briefing

Trump heads to Camp David to discuss party priorities, services are disrupted as a blizzard continues to pummel the U.S. East Coast and Intel insists that updates to patch major security flaws would not slow down computers.

Blast hits police in Afghan capital Kabul, dozens of casualties

KABUL A suicide bomber in the Afghan capital caused dozens of casualties on Thursday after blowing himself up close to a group of security personnel who were carrying out an operation against illegal drugs and alcohol dealing, officials said. | Video

World Jan 05 2018

Blast hits Afghan capital Kabul, causing casualties: police

KABUL A suicide attack hit the Afghan capital on Thursday, causing casualties among security personnel who had been carrying out an operation against illegal drugs and alcohol deals, witnesses and police officials said.

World, Jan 04 2018