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Turkish teachers linked to Erdogan foe detained in Afghanistan


KABUL One Afghan and three Turkish teachers linked to an organization regarded with suspicion by the Turkish government were detained by Afghan intelligence officials on Tuesday, the organization's head said.

Russia will keep bases in Syria to strike at insurgents: Kremlin

MOSCOW Russia will keep a naval and an air base in Syria capable of carrying out strikes against insurgents if required after a partial military pull-out announced by President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said on Tuesday. | Video

World, Russia, Syria Dec 12 2017

Bomb blast kills nine people in Pakistan, near Afghan border

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan A bomb rigged to a motorcycle exploded in a militant-plagued part of northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border, killing nine people, officials said on Wednesday, the latest violence in a recent rise in attacks in the nuclear-armed country.

World, Dec 06 2017

Afghan suspect arrested in Germany over migrant deaths at sea

BERLIN German police on Tuesday arrested an Afghan citizen on suspicion of smuggling migrants by sea from Turkey to Greece resulting in the death of several dozen people when the boat sank, federal police and prosecutors said.

World, Dec 05 2017

Top al-Qaeda leader killed in eastern Afghanistan

KABUL A top leader of militant group al-Qaeda was killed along with 80 people in a joint military operation by Afghan army, intelligence and NATO-led forces, the South Asian nation's intelligence service said on Tuesday.

World, Dec 05 2017

Iran opens $1 billion extension at closest port to Indian Ocean

DUBAI Iran opened on Sunday a $1 billion extension of its southeastern Chabahar port which Tehran hopes will help the country become a key transit route to land-locked Afghanistan and Central Asia, competing with a nearby Pakistani port.

Davos Dec 03 2017

Commander of Taliban 'special forces' killed in Afghanistan: officials

KABUL The commander of the Taliban's "special forces" branch, known as the "Red Unit," was killed last week in Helmand province by Afghan forces, according to Afghanistan's main intelligence agency.

World, Dec 03 2017

Crime, casualties undermine U.S. gains on Afghan battlefield

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan Since U.S. forces began stepping up air strikes against the Taliban, Kunduz shopkeeper Najibullah no longer fears another insurgent takeover of the northern Afghan city. But he does fear robbery or kidnap by militia gangs.

World, United Nations Dec 02 2017

Islamic State seizes new Afghan foothold after luring Taliban defectors

JAWZJAN, Afghanistan/KABUL When a Taliban commander defected to Islamic State in northern Afghanistan a few months ago, his men and the foreign fighters he invited in started to enslave local women and set up a bomb-making school for 300 children, officials and residents said.

World, Dec 01 2017

Suspected U.S. drone targets Haqqani militants in Pakistan, killing four

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan A suspected U.S. drone strike on Thursday targeted a hideout of the Haqqani militant network along Pakistan's mountainous border with Afghanistan, killing four people, officials said.

World, Nov 30 2017