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ADB signs $250 million loan deal for China geothermal heating

SHANGHAI Asia Development Bank (ADB) said on Thursday it would provide a $250 million loan to Sinopec Green Energy Geothermal Co (SGE) and Iceland's Arctic Green Energy Corp (AGE) to develop clean geothermal heat in smog-prone northern China.

Last three years hottest on record, severe weather hits 2018: U.N.

OSLO The past three years were the hottest on record and heat waves in Australia, freak Arctic warmth and water shortages in Cape Town are extending harmful weather extremes in 2018, the United Nations said on Thursday.

Journey to Antarctica: seals, penguins and glacial beauty

ABOARD THE ARCTIC SUNRISE The trip began in Punta Arenas, the capital of Magallanes region, Chile. We had spent three days aboard the Arctic Sunrise, a Greenpeace ship docked in one of the city’s harbors, to test our equipment and conduct security drills. I was eager to get to Antarctica.

Mar 20 2018

Trump administration seeks swift action on Alaska oil leases

ANCHORAGE, Alaska The Trump administration is seeking to sell leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as quickly as possible – drawing fire from opponents of drilling in the sensitive area, who are warning against a rushed process.

Mar 15 2018

Russian voting starts early for nomadic reindeer herders

MOSCOW Russia holds a presidential election on Sunday but voting has already begun in the flat, snow-covered expanses of the Siberian Arctic, which are home to the nomadic Nenets people who herd reindeer.

World, Russia Mar 13 2018

Antarctic sea ice forces research ship to turn back

OSLO Thick sea ice has forced a scientific research ship to abandon a trip to an Antarctic ice shelf from which a massive iceberg snapped off last year, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said on Friday.

Mar 02 2018

'Wacky' weather makes Arctic warmer than parts of Europe

OSLO A freak warming around the North Pole is sending a blast of Arctic cold over Europe in a sign of "wacky" weather that may happen more often with man-made global warming, scientists said on Monday. | Video

Norway to spend $13 million to upgrade 'doomsday' Arctic seed vault

OSLO Norway plans to spend 100 million Norwegian crowns ($13 million) to upgrade a doomsday seed vault on an Arctic island built 10 years ago to protect the world's food supplies, the government said on Friday.

Environment, Science Feb 23 2018

Greenpeace appeals after losing Norwegian Arctic drilling lawsuit

OSLO Environmental groups launched an appeal on Monday after an Oslo court rejected their arguments that Norway's oil and gas exploration in the Arctic violates citizens' right to a clean environment.

Feb 05 2018

Metabolism study signals more trouble ahead for polar bears

WASHINGTON A study of polar bear metabolism conducted near Alaska's Prudhoe Bay has provided more reason to worry about the future of these massive predators that prowl the Arctic.

Feb 01 2018

Sarkozy denies wrongdoing, says Libya lies make his life 'hell': paper

PARIS Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy told magistrates that accusations of illicit Libyan funding for his 2007 election campaign were a web of lies that had made his life "hell" and lost him a re-election bid in 2012, Le Figaro newspaper said.