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Canada says no conclusion on cause of unusual health issues in Cuba

OTTAWA Canada has not been able to identify what is behind unusual health symptoms, such as nausea and nosebleeds, reported by some diplomatic personnel and their family members in Cuba, a senior Canadian government official said on Wednesday.

Top EU diplomat meets Cuban president at end of visit

HAVANA The European Union's top diplomat Federica Mogherini met Cuban President Raul Castro on Thursday as she ended a two-day visit to the Communist country aimed at strengthening engagement even as the Trump administration backtracks on a fragile detente.

World, Jan 04 2018

Cuba's Santeria priests wax positive as transition from Castros begins

HAVANA Priests from Cuba’s Afro-Cuban Santeria religion forecast on Tuesday that the upcoming retirement of President Raul Castro would signify "a moment of change" that accelerates the pace of reform on the Communist-run island.

World, Jan 02 2018

Cuba delays historic handover from Castro to new president

HAVANA Communist-run Cuba extended the term of its current leadership to April on Thursday, signaling a two-month delay in the historic handover from Raul Castro to a new president, while announcing tighter regulations on the non-state sector.

World, Dec 21 2017

Tuesday Morning Briefing

The United States blames North Korea for the “WannaCry” cyber attack earlier this year, Congress is set to vote on the largest tax overhaul in decades and authorities in Myanmar remain silent about the whereabouts of two detained Reuters journalists.

Cuba’s Castro and Russian oil executive meet in Havana

HAVANA Cuban President Raul Castro and the head of Russian oil company Rosneft met in Havana on Saturday, the latest sign the two countries are readying a major energy agreement.

Russia Dec 17 2017

Cuba tells U.S. suspension of visas is hurting families

(Corrects paragraph 7 to show Trump issued a warning on travel to Cuba, not a ban on travel to Cuba)

World, Politics, Election 2016, U.S., Dec 12 2017

Cuba battling medicine shortages in wake of cash crunch

HAVANA Cuba is working on fixing chronic medicine shortages that started appearing a year ago due to its cash crunch, health officials said in an article published late on Thursday in ruling Communist Party newspaper Granma.

Health, Dec 01 2017

Nestle, Cuba lay first stone for $55 million coffee and biscuit factory

HAVANA Cuba and Swiss firm Nestle on Tuesday laid the first stone of a $55 million coffee and biscuits factory joint venture in the Mariel special development zone, the latest major foreign investment in the Communist-run island.

Nov 28 2017

Cuba begins harvest of weather-battered sugar crop

HAVANA The first of Cuba's 53 sugar mills has opened for what is expected to be a poor harvest after 18 months of drought, followed by damage to the crop and mills from Hurricane Irma in September.