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Facing new asylum curb, nerves for those waiting at U.S.-Mexico border


CIUDAD JUAREZ Number 12,026 - better known as Marcial Artigas, 33, from Holguin, Cuba - waited nervously at a migration office at the U.S.-Mexico border as a Mexican official called out numbers from a long list of hopefuls waiting to cross to the United States.

Cuba takes first step in railways upgrade with Chinese, Russian help

HAVANA Cuba's first new train passenger cars in more than four decades set off on their maiden journey across the island on Saturday in what the government hopes will prove a total revamp of its decrepit railway system with help from allies Russia and China.

World, Jul 13 2019

Cuba hopes for slight growth as Trump pummels Caribbean island

HAVANA Communist-run Cuba put on a brave face Saturday at a mid-year session of the National Assembly, the government insisting it would not let a growing financial crisis and mounting pressure from the administration of President Donald Trump thwart development.

World, Jul 13 2019

Cuba passes law to improve governance that keeps one-party system

HAVANA Communist-run Cuba passed a new electoral law on Saturday that restructures governance including creating the role of prime minister and provincial governors while retaining the one-party system.

World, Jul 13 2019

Cuba sees tourism dropping 8.5% due to Trump travel restrictions

HAVANA Tourism to Cuba will likely drop 8.5% this year in the wake of tighter U.S. restrictions on travel to the Caribbean island, the government said on Thursday, and the decline in arrivals will further hurt Cuba's already ailing centrally planned economy.

World, Jul 11 2019

Fugitive U.S. tech guru: Cryptocurrency is next Cuban revolution

HAVANA On the run from U.S. tax authorities, tech guru John McAfee puffs a cigar aboard his towering white yacht in a Havana harbor and says he can help Cuba evade the U.S. government too - by launching a cryptocurrency that defeats a U.S. trade embargo.

Tech Jul 05 2019

Cuba legalizes independent movie-making

HAVANA Cuba's Communist government on Thursday issued a decree legalizing the country's independent movie industry in a move that should facilitate production, although critics said it fails to resolve issues of censorship and distribution. | Video

World, Entertainment, Film Jun 29 2019

Democrat de Blasio apologizes for Che Guevara phrase in Miami

WASHINGTON Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio apologized on Thursday for unwittingly quoting Ernesto "Che" Guevara, a Marxist revolutionary reviled by many Cuban-Americans for helping Fidel Castro come to power in Cuba.

Cuba's first 'sex shop' tackles taboos, fuels legalization calls

HAVANA An exhibit-cum-pop-up store of handcrafted dildos in Havana is throwing new light on sexual taboos in Cuba stemming from its macho culture and decades of isolation, and has re-ignited calls for the country to allow the sales of sex toys. | Video

Jun 25 2019

Mexico says it has deployed 15,000 forces in the north to halt U.S.-bound migration

MEXICO CITY Mexico has deployed almost 15,000 soldiers and National Guard in the north of the country to stem the flow of illegal immigration across the border into the United States, the head of the Mexican Army said on Monday.

World, Mexico Jun 25 2019