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France's lower house approves bill to tighten asylum rules


PARIS France's lower house approved by a large majority on Sunday a bill that would tighten asylum rules after tense debates that created the first cracks within President Emmanuel Macron's party. | Video

France's Macron visits Trump as Iran nuclear deal hangs in balance

WASHINGTON French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in Washington on Monday for a state visit likely to be dominated by differences over trade and the nuclear accord with Iran. | Video

European leaders to urge Trump not to quit Iran deal: Germany

TORONTO The leaders of Germany and France will urge U.S. President Donald Trump not to pull out of an Iran nuclear deal with major powers since doing so could cause major problems, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday.

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Monday Morning Briefing

The first big showdown at the Supreme Court over Trump’s immigration policies is set for Wednesday when the justices hear a challenge to the lawfulness of his travel ban targeting people from several Muslim-majority countries. The case represents a test of the limits of presidential power. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-immigration/trumps-travel-ban-faces-u-s-supreme-court-showdown-idUSKBN1HT0IR

Rockets shake Mali's Timbuktu, no casualties: French army

BAMAKO/PARIS Homemade rockets shook the northern Mali city of Timbuktu on Sunday near U.N. and French military bases where Islamist militants launched a deadly suicide raid last weekend, France's army said.

World, Africa, Mali, Apr 22 2018

Air France launches new talks to end strike, with chief's job at stake

PARIS Air France launched on Friday a new consultation period with staff members to try to end a strike dispute over pay that has so far cost it 220 million euros ($271 million), with the company's head saying his job was on the line.

Apr 20 2018

France expels radical imam to Algeria

PARIS France has expelled an imam of Islam's strict Salafi branch for giving radical sermons seen as a threat, sending him to Algeria a day after the European Court of Human Rights gave a green light for the move, a source close to the case said on Friday.

World, Apr 20 2018

Chilean cardinal says bishop should resign over abuse crisis

SANTIAGO The head of Chile's Catholic Church said on Thursday that a Chilean bishop accused of covering up sexual abuse should resign, little more than a week after Pope Frances said he had made mistakes in handling Chile's sexual abuse crisis.

World, Pope Apr 19 2018

U.S. hopes for success in talks with Europeans on 'fixing' Iran nuclear deal

GENEVA The United States hopes to reach agreement with Britain, France and Germany to address President Donald Trump's concerns about the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, Washington's disarmament ambassador said on Thursday.

World, Germany Apr 19 2018

As Macron heads to U.S., 'strong relationship' with Trump under test

PARIS When France's ambassador to Washington told American officials last July that he was heading to Paris and would shortly see President Emmanuel Macron, one of them handed him a copy of the New York Times.

World, Apr 19 2018