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Macedonia's main opposition party rejects proposal for new country name


SKOPJE Macedonia's main opposition party, the nationalist VMRO-DPMNE, said it was against changing the country's name to Republic of Ilinden Macedonia, undermining prospects for a solution of a decades-long dispute with Greece.

"Born to kill" Texas shooter a quiet teenager in trench coat

SANTA FE, Texas He was a quiet Texas teenager who danced with his Greek church group and played football. He had a passion for symbology and Japanese history.

U.S., Japan, May 19 2018

Greek village "lost for words" over news of Texan teen gunman

ATHENS The family of the Texan teen gunman were "quiet, peaceable people" who never raised eyebrows in the Greek village where his father spent his youth, residents said on Saturday.

U.S., May 19 2018

Greek PM to brief opposition parties over Macedonia name dispute

ATHENS Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wants to brief the country's president and opposition leaders over the progress achieved with Skopje in negotiations to settle a decades-old dispute over Macedonia's name, a government official said on Friday.

World, May 19 2018

After hullabaloo, Greek lawmakers drop Novartis probe against ex ministers

ATHENS Greece's parliament has no jurisdiction to investigate the role of ten politicians in alleged bribes by Swiss drugmaker Novartis, lawmakers ruled on Saturday, in a controversy which has further polarized a deeply divided political landscape.

World, May 18 2018

Greece and Macedonia inch closer to name accord, but not quite there yet

SOFIA Greece and Macedonia said on Thursday they had made progress in talks to settle a decades-old name dispute, though Athens cautioned it was early to talk of a deal.

World, May 17 2018

Greece passes asylum bill to ease overcrowding in island camps

ATHENS Greece's parliament passed a bill on Tuesday aimed at making asylum procedures simpler and faster and to ease overcrowding on its island refugee camps.

World, United Nations, May 15 2018

Greece says 'still far' from a deal on Macedonia name row

ATHENS/BRUSSELS Greece said on Tuesday it was "far away" from resolving a decades-long dispute over Macedonia's name despite progress in talks between the two neighbors on a matter that could make or break Skopje's bid to join the European Union.

World, May 15 2018

Greece, Macedonia race to resolve name row as summits approach

SOUNION, Greece The foreign ministers of Greece and Macedonia held "hardworking and intense" talks on Saturday to bridge their differences in a decades-old dispute over the name of the former Yugoslav Republic that has complicated its hopes of joining the EU and NATO.

World, United Nations, May 12 2018

Greece passes law to end 'regime of grief' on adoption red tape

ATHENS Greece approved legislation on Wednesday speeding up child adoption and allowing same-sex couples to become guardians of orphans, cutting a morass of bureaucracy where candidate parents and thousands of children are trapped waiting for years.

World, May 09 2018