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Greece says it will not help Iranian tanker to reach Syria


ATHENS Greece will not provide assistance in delivering oil to Syria to an Iranian tanker now sailing eastward through the Mediterranean, Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis said on Wednesday.

Iran tanker heads to Greece, U.S. warns against helping vessel

DUBAI An Iranian tanker at the center of an angry confrontation between Iran and Washington sailed for Greece on Monday after it was freed from detention off Gibraltar, as Washington called the release unfortunate and warned Greece and Mediterranean ports against helping the vessel. | Video

World, Aug 19 2019

Fire resurges on Greece's Evia, challenges firefighters

ATHENS Aircraft and firefighters on the ground fought a blaze that burned large tracts of pristine pine forest on the Greek island of Evia on Wednesday as the wildfire flared up again at different spots.

World, Environment, Aug 14 2019

Greece scraps no-go areas at universities; opposition fumes

ATHENS Greek lawmakers on Thursday scrapped regulations making universities a no-go zone for police, a move authorities say will tackle lawlessness but which critics have decried as a clampdown on democracy.

World, Aug 08 2019

Greek police find body of missing Briton on Ikaria island

ATHENS Greek police have found the body of a missing 35-year-old British astrophysicist and peace activist in a ravine on the Greek island of Ikaria, they said on Wednesday.

World, Aug 07 2019

Greece says Turkey's drilling off Cyprus puts security at risk

ATHENS Greece accused Turkey of undermining security in the eastern Mediterranean by drilling for oil and gas around Cyprus, making some of the strongest comments on the issue from Athens' newly elected government.

World, Turkey, Jul 30 2019

Greece to overturn law that made universities no-go zone for police

ATHENS Greece will propose legislation this week to scrap academic sanctuary, a law that was designed to protect protesting students and freedom of ideas but which the new government says is used as a cover for lawlessness.

World, Jul 29 2019

On Albania border patrol, EU's Frontex helps tackle migrant flow

TRESTENIK, Albania Patrolling dirt paths on sun-baked hills bordering Greece, a European police team is helping Albania intercept more of the migrants trying to reach European Union states to the north.

World, Jul 24 2019

Boris Johnson's magniloquent tongue reaps political gold, linguists say

LONDON Britain’s incoming prime minister once boasted he could recite from heart the first hundred lines of Homer’s Iliad in ancient Greek.

World, Jul 23 2019

Shipping companies sue Philadelphia Energy Solutions for $600,000 in unpaid bills

NEW YORK Three Greek shipping companies sued U.S. refiner Philadelphia Energy Solutions Inc (PES) for about $600,000, claiming the company did not pay them for fees incurred by crude oil tankers chartered earlier this year, court documents showed.

Jul 22 2019