Lebanon top politicians agree solution to political tensions, cleric says


BEIRUT (Reuters) -Lebanon's top Christian cleric on Tuesday said the country’s three leading politicians agreed to a "solution" to political tensions and government paralysis tied to high-profile judicial investigations.

Lebanon's Hezbollah warns Israel against drilling in disputed maritime border area

BEIRUT (Reuters) -The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah on Friday warned Israel against drilling for oil and gas in the disputed maritime border area between the two countries until the issue is resolved, and said the Iran-backed group would take action if it did so.

World, United Nations, Israel, Oct 22 2021

U.S. mediator says Lebanon-Israel maritime talks need to be quick-Al Hadath TV

CAIRO (Reuters) -The U.S. mediator for indirect talks on border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel said on Thursday that the negotiations he was hoping to revive should be concluded in a short period if they were to succeed.

World, United Nations, Israel, Oct 21 2021

Returning Syrian refugees at risk of abuse, persecution - HRW report

AMMAN Dozens of Syrian refugees who fled the country to escape persecution have suffered abuse at the hands of authorities or pro-government militias after returning home, Human Rights Watch said in a report on Wednesday. | Video

World, Syria, Oct 20 2021

Alvarez and Marsal to resume Lebanon central bank audit, presidency says

BEIRUT (Reuters) -Restructuring consultancy Alvarez & Marsal will resume its forensic audit of the Lebanese central bank on Thursday, the presidency said, indicating fresh momentum on a condition for Lebanon to secure foreign aid amid its financial meltdown.

World, Oct 20 2021

Lebanon goes to polls in March amid economic meltdown

BEIRUT (Reuters) -Lebanon's parliament voted on Tuesday to hold legislative elections on March 27, giving Prime Minister Najib Mikati's government only a few months to try to secure an IMF recovery plan amid a deepening economic meltdown.

World, IMF, Oct 19 2021

Hezbollah's Nasrallah says Beirut violence was a dangerous development

BEIRUT (Reuters) -The leader of Lebanon's Iran-backed Shi'ite group Hezbollah said on Monday that last week's Beirut violence in which seven Shi'ite Muslims were shot dead was a dangerous development and marked a new phase in the country's internal politics.

World, Oct 18 2021

Lebanon tensions test Hezbollah-Aoun alliance

BEIRUT (Reuters) -Worsening sectarian tensions in Lebanon are testing an alliance between Shi'ite Hezbollah and its Christian ally President Michel Aoun, who may lose ground to their rivals as they step up opposition to the Iran-backed group's influence.

World, Oct 18 2021

Lebanon's Maronite patriarch says judges must be left to work

BEIRUT Lebanon's top Christian cleric, Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, said on Sunday that the judiciary should be free of political interference and sectarian "activism" amid tensions over a probe into last year's blast at Beirut port.

World, Oct 17 2021

Lebanon Christian leader Bassil: probe into port blast should not be stopped

BEIRUT (Reuters) -The leader of Lebanon's largest Christian bloc, the Free Patriotic movement (FPM), said on Saturday the investigation into last year's deadly blast at Beirut's port should not be stopped.

World, Oct 16 2021