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U.S. stresses reform, anti-corruption as Hariri named Lebanese prime minister

WASHINGTON Business as usual in Lebanon is unacceptable and any new government must be committed to - and capable of implementing - reforms that bring economic opportunity, good governance and an end to endemic corruption, a top U.S. diplomat said on Thursday.

Newsmaker: After year of turmoil, Hariri returns as Lebanese premier

BEIRUT A year after Lebanon was rocked by huge protests against its entrenched ruling elite, politicians have picked the same prime minister who was pushed out then to lead it out of crisis now.

World, Oct 22 2020

Lebanon's President Aoun vows to see through new PM nomination

BEIRUT Lebanon's President Michel Aoun said on Wednesday he would fulfill his duty in designating a prime minister but put the onus on the new premier to launch moves to pull the country from financial crisis.

World, Oct 21 2020

Factbox: Lebanon's spiralling economic crisis

BEIRUT Financial meltdown on a scale never seen before in Lebanon has raised fears for the stability of a country facing multiple crises.

World, United Nations, Oct 21 2020

Top Christian clerics urge Lebanese leaders to agree on government

BEIRUT The leaders of Lebanon's Maronite and Orthodox Christian churches urged Lebanese leaders on Sunday to stop delaying talks on forming a government in scathing sermons in which they blamed them for the country's financial crisis and political deadlock.

World, Oct 18 2020

Lebanon's protest flame still flickers on anniversary of 'revolution'

BEIRUT Demonstrators marched through Lebanon's capital on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of a protest movement that toppled the government but was then overwhelmed by economic crisis, coronavirus and a devastating explosion in Beirut.

World, United Nations, Oct 17 2020

Lebanon's biggest Christian party says won't back Hariri for PM

BEIRUT Lebanon's largest Christian political party said on Saturday it would not back the nomination of former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri to lead a government to tackle a deep economic crisis, further complicating efforts to agree a new premier.

World, Oct 17 2020

Lebanon's president postpones talks on nominating new prime minister

BEIRUT Lebanon's President Michel Aoun has postponed by a week consultations aimed at choosing a prime minister to form a new government to tackle the country's worst economic crisis since its 1975-1990 civil war, the presidency said on Wednesday.

World, Oct 14 2020

Old foes Lebanon, Israel hold talks on disputed maritime border

NAQOURA, Lebanon Long-time foes Lebanon and Israel launched talks on Wednesday over their disputed sea border in a brief meeting which the lead Lebanese negotiator described as "the first step on a thousand-mile journey." | Video

World, United Nations, Israel, Oct 14 2020

Hezbollah, Amal criticize Lebanon team ahead of Israel border talks

BEIRUT Lebanon's Hezbollah and its ally Amal criticised on Wednesday the delegation set to negotiate with Israel over their disputed sea border, calling for changing the team hours before the first meeting.

World, Israel, Oct 14 2020