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Libya rejects EU plans for migrant centers on its territory


BERLIN Libya rejects a European Union's plan to establish migrant centers there to stop asylum seekers arriving in western Europe and it will not be swayed by financial inducements, Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj said.

Two migrants die on boat left adrift by Libyan coast guard: charity

ON BOARD OPEN ARMS, Mediterranean A woman and a boy adrift in the Mediterranean died just hours before help reached their damaged dinghy, Spanish rescuers said on Tuesday after finding a second woman alive in the vessel, which had been carrying migrants toward Europe.

World, Spain Jul 17 2018

Brent oil falls 4 percent to three-month low as supply outage concerns ease

NEW YORK Oil prices slumped more than 4 percent on Monday, with Brent reaching a three-month low, as Libyan ports reopened and traders eyed potential supply increases by Russia and other producers.

Russia, Jul 16 2018

Eight migrants found dead in lorry container in western Libya

TRIPOLI Eight migrants including six children were found dead on Monday after suffocating from petrol fumes while packed into a lorry container on the west Libyan coast, authorities said.

World, Jul 16 2018

Libya's Sharara oilfield cuts output after workers abducted

BENGHAZI, Libya Production at Libya's giant Sharara oil field was expected to fall by at least 160,000 barrels per day (bpd) on Saturday after two staff were abducted in an attack by an unknown group, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) said.

World, Jul 14 2018

Libyan civil registry rebuffs allegations of ID fraud

TRIPOLI Libya's Civil Registry Authority (CRA) dismissed on Monday allegations of widespread fraud in the national identity card system as an attempt to foster division and "distort" the authority's work.

World, Jul 09 2018

Two workers killed in second attack on Libyan water plant

BENGHAZI, Libya Suspected Islamist militants killed two workers and kidnapped two others at a water plant in southeastern Libya early on Saturday, the second attack targeting water facilities in two days, officials said.

World, Jul 07 2018

Armed group in Libya kidnaps three Filipinos and one Korean: official says

BENGHAZI, Libya An unidentified armed group kidnapped three Filipinos and one Korean working as technicians at a water plant in south eastern Libya, an official said on Friday.

World, Jul 06 2018

Italy's closure to migrant rescue boats has high human cost: aid groups

ROME Italy's shutting of its ports to humanitarian rescue ships will trap more migrants in Libyan detention centers and in the hands of smugglers, where they face beatings and abuse, aid group Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said.

World, Italy, Jul 06 2018

Italy wants end to Libyan embargo to help it tackle migrants

ROME Italy wants a United Nations arms embargo on Libya to be lifted to help the North African state battle people smugglers and halt the flow of migrants seeking a better life in Europe, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said on Thursday.

World, United Nations, Italy, Jul 05 2018