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U.S. Treasury sanctions target Taliban, Iranian backers


WASHINGTON The United States targeted Afghanistan's Taliban insurgency on Tuesday with sanctions against eight individuals, including two linked to the Quds Force of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.


Saudis offer Pakistan $6 billion rescue package to ease economic crisis

ISLAMABAD Saudi Arabia has agreed to give Pakistan $3 billion in foreign currency support for a year and a further loan worth up to $3 billion in deferred payments for oil imports to help stave off a current account crisis, Pakistan's government said on Tuesday.

1:49pm EDT

Iran arrests militants planning attacks on pilgrims: minister

LONDON Iran said on Tuesday it had arrested 15 militants planning attacks on Shi'ite Muslims making an annual pilgrimage to Iraq.

4:36am EDT

Pakistan PM seeks loans to reservice debts, investments

Riyadh Pakistan is seeking loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and friendly countries to reservice debt and shore up its economy, the country's prime minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday.

4:24am EDT

Pakistan's delayed gas-power plants set for final pre-operations checks in December-January: official

NAGOYA, Japan Three gas-fired power plants commissioned last year to ease electricity shortages in Pakistan, which have been beset by delays, are set for final checks in the December-January period, an official from Pakistan LNG said on Monday.

Oct 22 2018

Child marriage survivors say UK law legitimizes 'terrible' abuse

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Zee was 13, she returned from school one day to find an engagement party under way at her home in northern England, but her excitement at the celebrations quickly turned to shock.

Oct 22 2018

Imran Khan leaves for Saudi conference saying Pakistan 'desperate' for loans

ISLAMABAD Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan left for Saudi Arabia to attend an investment conference boycotted by other leaders over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Oct 22 2018

U.N. climate fund gets 'back on rails' ahead of December talks

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The world's biggest fund for tackling climate change in the developing world has approved investment of about $1 billion in new projects and launched a process to refill its coffers, putting it back on track after a difficult few months.

Oct 22 2018

U.S. general says he may not have been target of Kandahar attack

KABUL/PESHAWAR, Pakistan The top U.S. general in Afghanistan said on Friday he did not believe he was the target of an attack that killed the powerful police chief of Kandahar, and Afghan officials said the gunman may have deliberately avoided hitting him.

Oct 19 2018

With smog season looming, Pakistan shuts polluting brick kilns

ISLAMABAD (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - To combat worsening smog, Pakistan's government has ordered all traditional brick kilns closed for 70 days starting Saturday, as it promotes new cleaner kilns that could cut pollution up to 70 percent.

Oct 18 2018