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Support for independence drops to four-year low in Catalonia


MADRID The number of Catalans in favor of their region becoming independent from Spain has dropped to a four-year low, a survey showed on Friday, casting renewed doubt over the secession campaign just as its leaders disagree on the way forward.

France steps up probe of suspect in Spain's August attacks - source

PARIS One of three people arrested on Tuesday in France in connection with Islamist attacks in the Spanish region of Catalonia in August was put under formal investigation on Friday while the other two were freed, a judicial source said.

World, France, Feb 23 2018

Spanish Supreme Court orders arrest of former Catalan MP Anna Gabriel

MADRID/ZURICH Spain's Supreme Court ordered the arrest of former Catalan member of parliament Anna Gabriel after she failed to appear in court on Wednesday to answer charges related to the region's independence campaign.

World, Feb 21 2018

Former Catalan MP to spurn Spain court summons in Switzerland

MADRID A former member of Catalonia's parliament who has fled to Switzerland from Spain says she will not attend a Spanish court summons over her alleged role in the region's declaration of independence last year.

World, United Nations, Feb 20 2018

Spanish union to take legal action against Ryanair over contracts

DUBLIN Representatives of Spanish pilots working for Ryanair will launch legal action against the airline over contracts they say fail to comply with Spanish law, the SEPLA union said on Wednesday.

Aerospace & Defense, Feb 07 2018

Russian accused of hacking extradited to U.S. from Spain

WASHINGTON A Russian man accused of operating a network of infected computers used by cyber criminals has been extradited to the United States from Spain and will make an initial court appearance on Friday, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

World, Russia, Feb 02 2018

Catalonia postpones vote for new president in stand-off with Madrid

BARCELONA Catalonia postponed the election of a new regional president on Tuesday until further notice after Spain's highest court said the sole nominee, separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, was ineligible while he remains a fugitive from justice in Belgium. | Video

World, Jan 30 2018

What's next for Catalonia and would-be leader Puigdemont?

MADRID Catalan lawmakers are scheduled to choose a president for Spain's wealthiest region on Tuesday in an unlikely setting. The official candidate, Carles Puigdemont, has fled abroad and the central government in Madrid is trying to block his election.

World, Jan 29 2018

Spanish court says Puigdemont must attend parliament in person

MADRID Spain's Constitutional Court said on Saturday the former leader of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, could only attend a swearing-in session to become regional leader if he was physically present in the parliament and had a judge's permission to attend.

World, Jan 27 2018

Spanish tourists ambushed, raped in Senegal: military

DAKAR Bandits attacked a group of Spanish tourists in Senegal and raped two women before making off with thousands of euros in cash, a Senegalese army colonel said on Friday.

World, Africa Jan 26 2018