Tunisia's main party holds huge rally as government row grows


TUNIS Tunisia's biggest political party assembled an immense crowd of supporters in the capital on Saturday in a show of strength that could fuel a dispute between the president and the prime minister.

Tunisian power struggle risks street escalation

TUNIS A standoff over a cabinet reshuffle in Tunisia has accelerated a power struggle between the president, prime minister and parliament speaker that threatens to spill over into street protests by rival blocs and bring down the government.

World, Feb 22 2021

Tunisian police abuse allegations cloud democratic gains

TUNIS Tunisian police took Ahmed Gam from the shop where he worked, accused him of looting during recent protests, and beat him so badly during his detention last month that he lost a testicle, he said.

Facebook, World Feb 14 2021

Thousands protest in Tunis despite police blockade

TUNIS Thousands of protesters backed by Tunisia's powerful labour union gathered in central Tunis on Saturday in the country's biggest demonstration for years, defying a police lockdown that blocked roads in a large area of the capital.

World, Feb 06 2021

IED kills four Tunisian soldiers in mountain region

TUNIS An improvised explosive device killed four Tunisian soldiers patrolling in a mountain region near the Algerian border, Defence Ministry spokesman Mohammed Zekri said on Wednesday.

World, Feb 03 2021

Envelope sent to Tunisian president was not poisoned, says prosecutor

TUNIS A suspicious envelope sent this week to Tunisia's Presidency did not contain any toxic, narcotic, dangerous or explosive substance, the country's Public Prosecutor said on Friday.

World, Jan 29 2021

Tunisian president’s office gets letter with suspicious powder: source

TUNIS The office of Tunisia’s president received a letter containing suspicious powder and is investigating the matter, a source there told Reuters on Wednesday.

World, Jan 27 2021

Tunisia's parliament approves Cabinet reshuffle amid protests

TUNIS Tunisia's parliament on Tuesday approved a Cabinet reshuffle that deepened the conflict between the prime minister and the president, as hundreds protested outside the heavily barricaded parliament over social inequality and police abuses. | Video

World, Jan 27 2021

Injured Tunisian protester dies, fuelling new clashes

TUNIS A Tunisian protester injured during clashes with police has died in hospital, state media reported on Monday, leading to more violent confrontations between demonstrators and security services in the town of Sbeitla.

World, Jan 25 2021

Splintered coalition reflects fate of Egypt's uprising a decade on

CAIRO Ten years ago protesters surged onto Egypt's streets, emboldened by the success of Tunisia's Arab Spring uprising.

World, Egypt Jan 24 2021