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Turkish opposition sounds alarm over proposed voting law changes

ISTANBUL Turkey's opposition said on Thursday new electoral regulations proposed by President Tayyip Erdogan's ruling party and its nationalist allies could open the door to fraud and jeopardise the fairness of 2019 elections.

As Turkey's emergency rule continues, so will rights abuses, Amnesty says

ISTANBUL Human rights violations and a clampdown on freedom of expression are likely to continue in Turkey as long as it remains under a state of emergency, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

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Stakes rise in Turkey's Afrin assault as pro-Assad militia arrive

BEIRUT/ANKARA Turkey warned on Wednesday that pro-Damascus forces would face "serious consequences" for entering Syria's Afrin region to help Kurdish fighters repel a Turkish offensive.

World, Syria Feb 21 2018

Erdogan's AKP says to ally with nationalists for 2019 elections

ISTANBUL Turkey's ruling AK Party and the nationalist opposition on Wednesday said they formally agreed to an electoral alliance, a move aimed at ensuring Tayyip Erdogan will secure the required 50 percent in a 2019 presidential election.

World, Feb 21 2018

Merkel sees Macedonia taking steps on path to EU

BERLIN Macedonia is making headway in its bid to join the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday, praising recent reforms by Skopje and the prospect of settling its chronic name dispute with Greece.

Turkey warns Syrian forces entering Afrin face serious consequences

ANKARA Turkey warned on Wednesday that pro-Syrian government forces entering the northwest Afrin region to support a Kurdish militia there will face "serious consequences" and they will be regarded as legitimate targets.

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Turkey should again consider criminalizing adultery, Erdogan says

ANKARA Turkey should again consider criminalizing adultery, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday, revisiting an issue that caused outrage among secular Turks and warnings from the European Union when his party raised it more than a decade ago.

World, Feb 20 2018

Exclusive: Turkey yet to issue Gazprom permit for TurkStream land pipeline - sources

MOSCOW Turkey has yet to issue a permit for Russia's Gazprom to start building the land-based part of the TurkStream gas pipeline, three sources familiar with the matter said, stoking fears the strategically important project will be delayed.

World, Russia, Feb 20 2018

Turkey foiled Syrian move into Afrin after Putin talks: Erdogan

ANKARA Turkey thwarted the possible deployment of Syrian government troops into the northwest Afrin region after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.

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Seventeen Turks land on Greek beach; media say they seek asylum

ATHENS Seventeen Turkish nationals landed on a beach on a Greek island close to Turkey on Monday, a coastguard official said, and Greek media said they had asked for political asylum.

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Air strikes again hit Syria's Ghouta, U.N. considers ceasefire resolution

AMMAN Warplanes pounded the last rebel enclave near Syria's capital for a fifth day running on Thursday as the U.N. Security Council considered demanding a 30-day ceasefire across the country to allow emergency aid deliveries and medical evacuations. | Video