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Weary Venezuelans rely on 'dog cart' transports as buses succumb to crisis


VALENCIA, Venezuela On a recent afternoon, a crowd of hundreds massed on the sidewalk outside an exit from the subway in the central Venezuelan city of Valencia. | Video

Venezuelan engineers turn plastic trash into car parts amid crisis

CARACAS Two young engineers have found an opportunity amid a collapsing economy in Venezuela - inside a garbage dump full of broken electronic hardware. | Video

Jul 19 2018

CITGO says CEO's U.S. visa has been revoked

Citgo Petroleum Corp [PDVSAC.UL], the U.S. subsidiary of Venezuelan state-run oil company PDVSA [PDVSA.UL], said on Wednesday that the United States had revoked the visa of its president and chief executive Asdrubal Chavez, cousin of Venezuela's late president Hugo Chavez, but it did not say why.

Jul 18 2018

Boy killed during protest in southern Venezuela: police

SAN FELIX, Venezuela A youth was killed in the Venezuelan city of San Felix overnight when demonstrators protesting power and water outages partially burned a small police station, police said on Tuesday.

Jul 17 2018

Two PDVSA's oil upgraders to be halted in coming weeks: sources

CARACAS/HOUSTON Two of Venezuela's four crude upgraders are scheduled to undergo previously delayed maintenance in the next few weeks, according to three sources close to the facilities, further reducing state-run PDVSA's exports of upgraded crude.The upgraders, which convert the extra-heavy oil produced in Venezuela's Orinoco Belt into exportable grades, have a combined 700,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) capacity.

Jul 17 2018

Venezuela pleads guilty in U.S. to role in PDVSA bribe scheme

A former official at a Venezuelan state-run electric company pleaded guilty on Monday to U.S. charges that he participated in a scheme to solicit bribes in exchange for helping vendors win favorable treatment from state oil company PDVSA [PDVSA.UL].

Jul 16 2018

Colombia, U.S., Mexico, Panama seek to combat Venezuelan corruption

BOGOTA Colombia's Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas on Thursday hosted a meeting with officials from Mexico, Panama, and the United States to share information on Venezuelan government officials suspected of corruption and their support networks.

Jul 12 2018

Venezuela annual inflation hits 46,305 percent in June - congress

CARACAS Venezuelan consumer prices rose 46,305 percent in the 12 months ending in June, the opposition-controlled congress said on Monday, as the crisis-stricken nation's hyperinflation continues to accelerate amid a broader economic collapse.

Jul 09 2018

PDVSA's oil sales to U.S. bounced in June; Caribbean stocks drained

HOUSTON Venezuelan crude sales to the United States recovered in June from May as state-run PDVSA exported more of its diluted oil to its customers and drained inventories from two Caribbean islands affected by assets seizures, according to Thomson Reuters data.

Jul 09 2018

Venezuela's domestic airline industry suffers amid economic crisis

MAIQUETIA, Venezuela Venezuela's domestic airline industry is struggling to maintain operations due to hyperinflation and shortages of spare parts, according to an industry association, making it increasingly hard to obtain tickets and causing chronic flight delays. | Video

Jul 07 2018