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China navy ship makes maiden visit to Venezuela after Maduro visit


SHANGHAI A Chinese naval ship has traveled to Venezuela for the first time, following a visit by President Nicolas Maduro to Beijing this month, where he had been looking to gain China's support for the Latin American nation's struggling economy.

U.S. preparing 'actions' in coming days against Venezuela: Pompeo to Fox News

WASHINGTON The United States is preparing a "series of actions" in the coming days to increase pressure on the Venezuelan government, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News on Friday.

Sep 21 2018

Venezuelans block streets with cars to protest gas shortage in Andes

SAN CRISTOBAL, Venezuela Dozens of Venezuelans on Friday brought the Andean city of San Cristobal to a standstill by blocking roads with their cars to protest gas shortages that have piled further misery on the OPEC nation's crisis-weary citizens.

Sep 21 2018

Venezuela jails 34 store managers on charges of price gouging

CARACAS Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday that 34 supermarket managers had been jailed on charges of hiding food and gouging prices, in the leftist government's latest crackdown on businesses as the country struggles under a severe economic downturn.

Sep 20 2018

Venezuela's Maduro says he may not attend U.N. assembly on security worries

CARACAS Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday he was evaluating whether or not he would attend this week's United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, citing concerns about his safety.

Sep 18 2018

Venezuela sold 9.9 percent of joint venture to China oil firm: Maduro

CARACAS Venezuela has sold 9.9 percent of shares in oil joint venture Sinovensa to a Chinese oil company, President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday, adding the OPEC nation expected some $5 billion in joint investment with China to boost its crude output.

Sep 18 2018

Venezuela's Maduro says ex-military officers conspiring with U.S. help

CARACAS Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday said ex-military officers were conspiring against his government with the help of the United States, responding to a question about a report that U.S. officials met with military officers seeking his ouster.

Sep 18 2018

Classrooms near empty as school starts in crisis-stricken Venezuela

CAUCAGUA, Venezuela Venezuela's school year began on Monday with few students arriving in classrooms amid a crippling economic crisis that has left many families unable to afford supplies or provide their children with enough food to focus on schoolwork.

Sep 17 2018

Venezuelans outraged by Maduro's steak feast at Salt Bae restaurant

CARACAS Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro dined on expensive steak at a "Salt Bae" restaurant in Istanbul during a stop-off returning from a visit to China, drawing furor back home where millions struggle to get enough to eat and red meat is a rare luxury.

Sep 17 2018

Colombia protests incursion from Venezuelan soldiers

BOGOTA Colombia said on Monday it had sent a letter of protest to Caracas after Venezuelan soldiers crossed into its territory last week and detained three Colombian citizens, the latest setback to relations between the two South American neighbors.

Sep 17 2018