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Paul Tagliabue looks back to the NFL’s future

Jan 09 2019

The NFL has enjoyed a comeback season with its fan base, but the league’s legendary former commissioner Paul Tagliabue tells sports business expert Rick Horrow he doesn’t think more expansion – global or domestic – is necessarily the best course of action.

Raising the bar on athletes giving back

Dec 20 2018

Many pro athletes embrace philanthropy after hanging up their cleats but NFL Hall of Famer Curtis Martin has built a new model for charitable giving and aims to give half his income toward helping others. Sports business expert Rick Horrow talks with the five-time Pro Bowler, and also gives an update on the state of the NFL.

Life in a two-team town

Dec 19 2018

The Los Angeles Clippers' mission is to find ways to outshine LeBron James' Lakers. In the latest Keeping Score, the franchise's president, Gillian Zucker, discusses the day-to-day process of making the Steve Ballmer's Clippers thrive.

Small colleges, big reach

Dec 06 2018

As the NCAA's football bowl season looms, sports business expert Rick Horrow discusses how smaller schools -- think Tufts, not Tulane -- are leveraging their alumni far and wide.

College football's balancing act

Nov 29 2018

University of Central Florida Athletic Director Danny White says he maximizes his school's athletic -- and business -- potential using a holistic approach that keeps school spirit high and corporate sponsors happy. Plus, sports business expert Rick Horrow explains why NFL ratings are up this year and what the league needs to do to keep viewership on track.

The softer side of sports

Nov 21 2018

With Tom Brady and Michael Strahan as partners, Gotham Chopra’s Religion of Sports studio aims to tell powerful stories that skip the stats and focus instead on the connection between people and the games they play and watch.

Navigating the digital landscape of sports business

Nov 01 2018

Marketing executive Alissa Pemberton is a self-described sports outsider, but that hasn’t stopped her from helping orchestrate an innovative IndyCar sponsorship deal to bring her firm into the world of sports and digital marketing.

Cavaliers CEO charts the post-LeBron landscape

Oct 26 2018

It's easy to get your fans to show up when LeBron James is on the court – less so when he's not. Cleveland Cavaliers CEO Len Komoroski sat down with Rick Horrow this week to discuss his more than 30 years of experience leading pro franchises through the ups and downs, explaining why fan experience is more important than ever.

A sports-betting showdown

Oct 25 2018

In this bonus episode of Keeping Score, reporter Hilary Russ uncovers the looming feud in the business of sports gambling and the major players getting in on this burgeoning industry. Plus, a look at why some casinos may be reluctant to get in on the action.

Larry Lucchino on building baseball into a ‘community asset’

Oct 18 2018

Larry Lucchino led the San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles and, finally, the Boston Red Sox as president and CEO. But while he can boast four World Series Championship titles to his name as an executive, the baseball legend tells sports business expert Rick Horrow that building franchises “worthy” of their fans and creating a “community asset” out of stadiums and teams were equally important goals throughout his career.

Managing a team like a business

Oct 05 2018

For Joe Maddon, managing the Chicago Cubs means acting like a CEO. The long-time baseball veteran talks about his leadership style and why advocating for his players is a top priority. Plus, sports business expert Rick Horrow offers his take on MLB playoff ratings and the future of baseball.

Braves bet big on ‘mini city’

Oct 02 2018

In this bonus episode of Keeping Score, the executives who drove the Atlanta Braves’ blockbuster $672 million public-private stadium deal talk about the ‘mini city’ they built next to the ballpark and how it’s become a business model for pro sports organizations around the world.

Life after the bell rings

Sep 28 2018

Former middleweight champion Andre Ward discusses the difficulty boxers have transitioning from the fight game to the world of business and entertainment.

The other side of Nick Saban

Sep 07 2018

The Alabama coach talks about growing up in West Virginia and how playing  football prepared him for life.

Remembering John McCain

Aug 28 2018

The Arizona senator had strong feeling on sports, and in a 2016 conversation expounded on the NFL's ill-fated "pay for patriotism" black eye and why he wouldn't want "a single dime of taxpayer dollars" spent on subsidizing sports venues.

The NBA's new game

Aug 23 2018

Milwaukee Bucks boss Peter Feigin talks about what opening a new arena means in an industry where a franchises increasingly depend on both their physical and virtual assets.

In Indianapolis, an economy built on sports

Aug 16 2018

Ryan Vaughn, the President of the Indiana Sports Corp., explains how the city plotted a commitment to sports in the 1970s and why it’s still paying off today.

The NFL looks to the next generation

Jul 26 2018

Facing renewed controversy over player protests, the NFL is working to maintain its position as one of America’s most popular pastimes. This week sports business expert Rick Horrow sits down with Roman Oben, the NFL’s VP in charge of youth and high school football development, to discuss how the league is bringing in a new generation of players.

This week in sports: The sponsor who won the World Cup

Jul 20 2018

Listen to this week’s Keeping Score with sports business expert Rick Horrow:

Esports emerging

Jun 13 2018

Arlington, Texas may be already be the home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers but its mayor Jeff Williams told Keeping Score host Rick Horrow about the city’s plans to become middle America’s eSports mecca.

How the NFL can fix itself

Oct 28 2016

From domestic violence by players off the field, to brain injuries on the field, the National Football League is facing serious challenges.

Sweaty equity – a tech accelerator takes on sports

Oct 14 2016

How a startup hopes to profit from a device that monitors athletes' sweat. Plus what could become the Uber for boating. My conversation with Tim Hayden at Saint Louis University which partners with companies like these in his role as the head of the school’s center for entrepreneurship.

Blame Clinton, Trump and Brady for NFL rating woes

Oct 07 2016

Why Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Tom Brady have hurt TV ratings for NFL games this season.

Golf in the rough, the Jose Fernandez effect and North Dakota’s pigeon strategy

Sep 30 2016

National Golf Foundation CEO Joe Beditz explains why the sport is going through a rough patch. =

The Green Bay Packers’ secret sauce (and drawbacks)

Sep 23 2016

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy explains the team’s unique ownership model and why it limits the team’s international reach.

A sports protest with $400 million on the line

Sep 16 2016

From a college football game at a race track to ads on jerseys, how sports leagues and associations are trying to squeeze more revenue out of their events. Plus, how the WNBA is trying to boost its visibility and interest in the women’s game.

The Olympics are over, the scandals linger on

Aug 26 2016

Russia, Ryan Lochte and an Irish Olympic Committee president are all in hot water following the 2016 Games.

The lasting impact of the Rio Olympics

Aug 19 2016

Reuters Correspondent Liana Baker who is in Brazil discusses how the Rio games will shape future Olympics. Plus a look at the money generated from broadcasting rights, on this week's Keeping Score

Could Los Angeles host the 2024 Olympics?

Aug 12 2016

The head of the U.S. Olympic Committee Scott Blackmun talks about the financial aspects of putting together an Olympic team and how the organization chooses which sports to make a priority.

One way athletes are reducing injuries

Aug 04 2016

The founder and CEO of wearable fitness tracker WHOOP talks about how the device has helped improve the performance of users and reduce their injuries.

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