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Eric Cantor says Paul Ryan would be good 2012 candidate May 23 2011

WASHINGTON Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, the author of a controversial plan to overhaul government health programs, would make a good presidential candidate, the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives said on Monday.

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Republicans ability to reshape Dodd-Frank limited

WASHINGTON Republican lawmakers vowed to vigorously oversee the new financial reform law but stopped short of promising major changes to the legislation they have described as "job killing."

Renewing Bush tax cuts may slip to 2011: GOP Camp

WASHINGTON The incoming Republican chairman of the powerful tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives said on Wednesday extending Bush-era tax cuts for all income groups could slip into next year if Democrats don't compromise with Republicans.

Obama reaches out to Republicans on tax forms

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama on Wednesday suggested working with Republicans on a provision of the new healthcare law that requires businesses to file tax forms on transactions worth more than $600.


Analysis: Voters deliver mixed message on renewable energy

LOS ANGELES Tuesday's election results sent a mixed message on alternative energy, with Republican victories in Congress likely to curb national alternative-energy policy while California results look set to help the sector.

Nov 03 2010

Analysis: Election raises hope for trade deals

WASHINGTON Republican victories in congressional elections have boosted the chances for approval of three long-delayed free trade agreements, and could mark the start of a cooperative effort between the White House and Congress to open new markets for U.S. exports.

Nov 03 2010