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Year in Review 2010

Most popular stories

Why did you click?

Popularity lists are often a mix of the expected and unexpected. So it was in 2010 as some of the usual suspects showed up on our most popular list alongside some slightly off-color entries -- a reminder to never underestimate innuendo. Here's a look at the 10 most popular stories of the year.

Most Popular Videos

Who watched what?

Reuters videographers were on the scene at many of these major stories to bring viewers the latest news, often at great risk to themselves as seen by the tragic death of a Reuters cameraman in Thailand. Here’s a look at the most popular video from each month.


The best reads of 2010

Reuters Editor Toni Reinhold chooses the most interesting, informative, eye opening and enlightening Reuters stories of the past year.

Looking ahead

Reuters in 2010 and 2011

Editor-in-Chief of Reuters, David Schlesinger, looks back at a year of change and economic uncertainty throughout the global markets and looks ahead to Reuters role in the media industry for 2011.

Best of Oddly Enough

Strange but true

Blogger Bob Basler was blessed with so many great and goofy true stories this year, he hardly had to use his imagination at all.

Odd pictures of the year

A look at the best strange and offbeat images from Reuters photographers this year.

Goofiest images

Oddly enough blogger Bob Basler counts down the eight goofiest photos of 2010.

Best of Entertainment

Memorable moments

3D movies hit their stride and sequels are on the horizon. A look at the defining moments of the year.

Entertainment photos

Eye-catching images from Reuters photographers covering entertainment events throughout the year.

Most talked about

Lady Gaga’s donned a meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards and it quickly dominated headlines.

Best Quotes of the Year
  • "I was with God and I was with the devil, but God won."