Citizens United +5: Is anything the same?


Tycoon dough: The ultimate electoral martial art


The most stunning consequence of Citizens United is the influence that a few tycoons and other wealthy donors now wield in U.S. elections.  Commentary 


Democracy is drowning in a sea of dark money

Citizens United left the nation’s campaign finance system in shambles and our constitutional system of representative government dangerously undermined.  Commentary 


Are U.S. rivals hacking the American electoral system? Why it’s impossible to know.

It's now easy for foreign money to seep -- or pour -- in to influence the outcome of U.S. elections.  Commentary 


Welcome back to the bad old days of American politics

At certain moments in U.S. history, large numbers enter the political arena -- think the 15th Amendment, giving African-American men the vote in 1870 and the 19th Amendment, giving women the vote in 1920 — and then the ebb tide sets, with restrictions that erode the gains.  Commentary 


When it comes to money in politics, the Supreme Court lives in a different reality

The reality is that many 'independent' expenditures are far from independent. They are 'coordinated' by any reasonable understanding of the word.  Commentary 


Citizens United gives freedom of speech back to the people

It’s not just that dire predictions about Citizens United have not come true. It is that the ruling is having positive effects on U.S. elections.  Commentary 


Money speaks louder than words, but that doesn’t make it ‘speech’

No one would conclude that restrictions on spending money in the exercise of any other right would violate it. One has a right, for example, to procreative liberty -- yet no right to buy a baby.  Commentary 

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