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DAVOS 2010

Tough times for diplomacy in post-WikiLeaks world


DAVOS, Switzerland If ministers and diplomats have learned a single lesson from the WikiLeaks saga, it is this: write nothing down.

Dealmaking back in fashion, as CEOs buy growth

DAVOS, Switzerland The manic dealmaking of the years before the financial crisis may be some way off, but acquisitions were certainly back on the agenda for the CEOs of many companies attending the World Economic Forum in Davos over the past week.

Feb 01 2010

Global accounting rules may face big delays

NEW YORK The world's top accountants are warning that plans by the United States to move to global accounting standards are vulnerable to major delays and the process could get very politicized.

Feb 03 2010

A week of tense bankers, recovery hopes, star gazers

DAVOS, Switzerland The top executive was on a roll -- Barack Obama didn't know what he was doing, he didn't understand business, he didn't realize knee-jerk pronouncements could destroy jobs.

Jan 31 2010

Australia faces private equity "chill": Schwarzman

DAVOS, Switzerland Australia will find it very difficult to attract new private equity investments while a tax dispute remains unresolved, warned Stephen Schwarzman, the chief executive of one of the most powerful private equity firms, Blackstone Group .

Feb 02 2010

Bank failure plan key to regulatory reform

DAVOS, Switzerland A bank-funded safety net to absorb large failures could help shield markets and rebuild trust in the financial system, but regulators backing the idea will need to strike a delicate balance.

Jan 31 2010

Fear, uncertainty cast pall over Russian business

DAVOS, Switzerland Russian businessmen at the World Economic Forum in Davos struck a gloomy note this week, with many uncertain about the country's direction and others warning a climate of corporate fear could hamper growth.

Jan 31 2010

Private equity firms bullish on 2010 outlook

DAVOS, Switzerland The heads of three of the largest private equity firms in the world expressed optimism that 2010 will be a stronger year for acquisitions and for sales of companies already in their portfolios.

Jan 31 2010

Banks, regulators agree need for global response

DAVOS, Switzerland Leading bankers seeking to quell a political backlash over their role in the financial crisis agreed with regulators on Saturday that new banking rules should be globally consistent. | Video

Jan 30 2010

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How do we measure whether Americans are better off than in the past?

Depending on how you measure economic improvement, it seems the rising tide did lift all boats. But it may be in ways that aren’t sustainable.


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