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Analysis: Tuition fee hikes get private lenders back to school


BANGALORE Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo & Co are among private lenders set to step into a student funding vacuum as the U.S. government tightens the tap on college loans and under-fire education firms raise tuition fees.

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Parents head to college towns to buy real estate

TORONTO -- San Fransisco Bay-area couple Kate and Dale never expected to be landlords. But that's exactly what happened when they decided to buy a three-bedroom townhouse for their daughter in her sophomore year at University of Washington in Seattle.

College costs spike again

Forget about good old cheap State U. Tuition and fees at public four-year colleges rose almost 8 percent for in-state students this year, the College Board reported. There were fat increases at all kinds of schools: Costs for out-of-state students were up 6 percent; two-year schools raised their tuition and fees by 6 percent and private nonprofit schools, already pretty pricey, raised their tuition and fees 4.5 percent. All increases far outstripped inflation and wage growth.

Should you co-sign for your kid's credit card?

What constitutes an emergency in college has never been well defined. For freshman Hannah Li, for instance, this month it has already meant a manicure, a J. Crew sweater and a plane ticket to Paris for spring break. "Now you see why we put her on a $1,000 limit," Hannah's mother, Alice Park, said of her 18-year-old's "emergencies-only" prepaid credit card. "We want to teach her independence — just not with free access to our money."

The best investment for your kids

Here's a reality check for any new parent trying to do what's "best" for their child: go into a high-end baby store and ask for their best stroller. Chances are, it will cost nearly as much as your monthly mortgage payment.