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EU pensions have insufficient assets to cover liabilities: Watchdog

FRANKFURT European Union pension providers on the whole do not have enough assets to cover their liabilities, the European Union's insurance and pension watchdog said on Wednesday.

Top U.S. official calls for clarity on post-Brexit aviation safety

BRUSSELS The United States is urgently calling for clarity on which aviation safety regime the British aerospace industry will operate under after the country leaves the European Union, to avoid increased certification costs for airlines and manufacturers.

12:41pm EST

EU reopens feud over quotas for hosting refugees

BRUSSELS Rivals from the two sides of the European Union's migration dispute will meet in Brussels on Thursday in a goodwill gesture just as the bloc reopens a bitter feud over hosting refugees.

12:25pm EST

EU leaders to make banking union, bailout fund priorities in euro zone overhaul

BRUSSELS European Union leaders are likely to decide on Friday to give priority in euro zone integration to completing its banking union and expanding the tasks of the euro zone bailout fund, leaving politically more difficult issues for later.

12:12pm EST

Close ranks: EU braces for 'divisive' Brexit trade talks

BRUSSELS EU negotiators look forward to trade talks with Britain next year once a Brexit divorce deal is endorsed by national leaders on Friday -- but they also worry this might fray the united front states have shown so far in dealing with London.

11:47am EST

Facebook says Russian-linked accounts spent just 97 cents on ads over Brexit

LONDON Russian-based operatives placed three adverts on Facebook in the run-up to Britain's 2016 referendum on EU membership, spending just 97 cents to raise the issue of immigration, the social media platform said on Wednesday.

11:32am EST

UK's May warns parliamentary rebels not to endanger orderly Brexit

LONDON Prime Minister Theresa May warned rebellious lawmakers in her own party they could endanger Britain's smooth exit from the European Union if they tried to change her Brexit blueprint later on Wednesday.

11:13am EST

EU leaders likely to give go-ahead to new phase of Brexit talks

PARIS The leaders of the European Union's remaining 27 member states are very likely to approve this week the deal struck by their chief negotiator with Britain and move to a second phase of exit talks, a French presidency source said on Wednesday.

11:13am EST

Doner kebabs survive EU lawmaker vote on additives

STRASBOURG Doner kebab vendors across Europe won a victory in the European Parliament on Wednesday when European Union lawmakers failed to outlaw additives regularly used to preserve taste and moisture.

10:55am EST

EU clears deal on U.S. stock exchanges removing major MiFID II hurdle

BRUSSELS The European Commission adopted decisions on Wednesday to allow European investors to continue trading in shares listed in several stock exchanges in the United States, Australia and Hong Kong after new EU market rules come into force in January.

10:29am EST

Germany's SPD plays hard-to-get before first talks with Merkel

BERLIN Germany's Social Democrats said on Wednesday they would share power with Angela Merkel's conservatives only if ordinary voters get a fairer deal, seeking to reassure party skeptics hours before highly-sensitive talks between the two camps.

France's Le Drian says 'no' to Iran Mediterranean axis

PARIS France's foreign minister criticized Iran's regional ambitions, saying Paris could not accept Tehran's military expansion to the Mediterranean, and accused Russia of failing to use its influence to push U.N.-led Syrian peace talks and curb violence.

Shift work linked to burnout in sleep-deprived nurses

(Reuters Health) - Shift-work nurses who have sleep problems are more likely to experience career burnout that has the potential to compromise their job performance, a small Italian study suggests.

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