Gay Marriage


Honduran lawmakers vote to lock in bans on abortion, same-sex marriage

TEGUCIGALPA Members of the Honduran Congress voted on Thursday to amend the constitution making it much harder to reverse existing hard-line bans on abortion and same-sex marriage, as lawmakers double down on socially conservative priorities.


"Finally" say activists as Swiss same-sex marriage bill advances

ZURICH Switzerland's lower house of parliament approved draft legislation on Thursday to let same-sex couples marry in a country that has lagged other parts of western Europe in gay rights.

World, Jun 11 2020

Defying pandemic, gay couples hold first marriages in Costa Rica

SAN JOSE Marco Castillo and his boyfriend, Rodrigo Campos, waited just a few hours to take advantage of a new law in Costa Rica that made the country the first in Central America to allow same-sex marriage.

World, May 26 2020

Lesbian couple's custody case takes China into uncharted legal waters

BEIJING A Chinese lesbian couple's landmark court battle over the custody of their two children has stirred debate over LGBT rights and put a spotlight on a legal vacuum created by the absence of a same-sex marriage law.

World, Apr 24 2020

'There will be dad and mum': Putin rules out Russia legalizing gay marriage

MOSCOW President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday Russia would not legalize gay marriage as long as he was in the Kremlin.

World, Russia, Feb 13 2020

Here come the brides in Northern Ireland's first same-sex marriage

CARRICKFERGUS, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland's first same-sex wedding took place on Tuesday after the government lifted a ban on gay marriage in the province, marking legalization of the practice throughout the United Kingdom. | Video

World, Ireland, Feb 11 2020